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    I read where you use to do costuming for old period films.
    That is so cool Do you have any pictures you can post of your work.
    That is very interesting to me .I'd love to see some of your stuff.
    I'm so sorry this has been taken away from you.I understand why you would miss it.
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    I have wanted to post back to you...It's been kind of crazy...seems like I only post so much and I get tired.

    Also this topic is hard, but it is what it is...

    I don't know which post I had written that you had read, I've talked about it in bits, so it may not have been clear.

    My dream was to costume for film...I had been working at the Guthrie Theatre, first as an intern, then in the soft props dept and the dye room...It was when i was working at the Guthrie, was given a recomodation to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburg...I applied to do an MFA in costume design...I had also appied to Yale school of Drama

    Carnegie Mellon's program believed it was good for a designer to also know constuction...Yale belived that the designer is an artist, and the technician knows construction (that is whyt Yale has two programs MFA in Costume Design and a MA in Techincal arts, if I remember...that was back in 91)

    Since my background as a desinger matched Carnegie Mellon's more than Yale's, and also I had the recomondation from a alum, I was accepted in there...Also Yale focused/funneled more into NYC and theatre...the Professors from CM (who, by the way, were Yale Alums themselves) did a lot of film work in Pitt...they also were involved in Mister Roger's Neighborhood...that was produced in Pitt at the Pulic TV staion there.

    Carnegie Mellon also had stong ties on both coasts...Stephan Bochco the producer is a CM Alum who did NYPD Blues...and many other projects on TV...I just can't think of them right now...brain fogg.

    I had to defer my placement for a year, becasue my health wasn't coming back, and then in 92 I wrote to let them know that I had Lupus, and I could't attend becasue I wasn't getting better...The head of admissions, I can't remember his name, wrote me back and said..."I undertand, my wife has Lupus"...I ended up calling her, and having a 2 hour conversation with her...She had her PhD in theatre History...It was a really emotional call...She undertood what I was going thru...

    So that brings me upto that post I wrote to Bluesky555...after I had to give up my placement, and my dream to do period costumes in films for 3 yrs I couln't see a film, especially a historical one...too painful to watch.

    So fast forward to 96...moved out to CA, and a coworker of my husband who knew I was in theatre begged me to do new costumes for the "Tableux" (a Nativity scene)...for the "Feast of Lights" in our town...it was wonderful to do costumes again...got to drive into LA's garment district to shop for wonderful fabrics...I had my own time line...and they turned out beautifully!

    My son was about 16 months then, when I took on my next project...but it was a tradtional production...and it was hard, then tried again, and again...with each production, it was getting harder and harder on my body...I finally had to close the door on it again...too hard to do...and it was hard, becasue even though I disclosed my illness, and they would say they were OK with it...well, you know...hard for them to undertand this DD.

    So what I can show you is the doublet that I made for my son this past halloween...I tried again to do a complicated costume on a time line...I didn't get the pants done, but the chemise and doublet were done enough for trick or treating...and I can wait till next summer to finish his pants in time for the Renaissance Festival.

    Long story long...left out the Guillam Barre, and other things...but it's my story.


    PS after going to CA and doing costumes again, I did start watching pierod (ie "Mirmax") films...

    I would have been my dream to work on a Mirmax film...just not reality to beable to put in 12-16+ hour days...especially with a child and an illness.
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    What a sad story that this Illness has taken so much from you.Recently I have been haveing a very hard time doing anything with my hands ,so I am very understanding just how much work and time you put into costuming.

    There have been several people here that have such interesting lifes.I am so sorry you have not been able to carry on with what you love to do.I really miss my time that I voluteered also with our Military Familys .

    I, like probably all of us here, grieve what we have lost but Life goes on and with Hope someday We all may be able to regain a part of our lifes again.I send you (((hugs)))and wishes that you will inspire another with your love of costuming.Thank you for getting back to me.
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    In the meantime, we can focus on everyday, and what good can come from it...

    I am sorry for your loss of working with Military Families...anything that we care about, or feel passion for, is a loss when it is taken away.

    Hopefully, the creativity and passion is still there, it just gets expressed in a different way...

    A friend of mine (a wise one) told me that "You will always be an artist, even if you am not creating art at the time...because it is how you see the world"

    And no disease can take that away from me...I will always have that, and the creativity can manifest in a different way, a different media....but it still is there.


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    A very wise friend indeed .I am an artist also.I do silk flowers arrangeing.My hands can not do it now.

    I use to think up ways to raise money to help military family's .When all of the other things didn't work and some people might fall threw the cracks .I'd try to pick them back up and help how ever I could.I was a President of an Military Auxiliary.I loved it and miss it very much.

    I have enjoyed talking to you today.Have a nice evening.