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    Just wanted to say how I enjoyed your positive post and congratulate you on your recovery. This truly is an inspiring post to many of us who are in the front end of treatment. We would like to see more folks positive postings of FFC treatment...........truly takes several months just like they tell us upfront..........God Bless you and keep you strong and well..........
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    I wish you the best! I know that people do get better..and..that it is a long tough road. As you may have already read, I had completely lost hope that I could get better. In the beginning, my accomplishments in a day would include walking down the street three house lengths (on a good day), or getting a shower, or simply praying to make it through the day so that I could go to sleep (and then only be able to sleep for 2 hours). I do know how tough it is and am glad that I may now give you the hope that Dr. Juguilon gave me.

    I am still supplementing Dr. Juguilon's protocol with yoga, meditation, and now a "zapper" to try to get rid of the systemic yeast infection that still plagues me after one year. (Has anyone had success with a "zapper"?!)

    It is particulary amazing to me to look back one year ago and see what I could not do last year and what I can do this year! This past weekend I went to a movie with my daughter, then a play on Saturday night and I worked on Sunday. This was impossible for me even to consider last year. The noise and the fatigue were immense last year at this time. Every day I am grateful for the fact that I have been given back the life I thought was lost. Every day is filled with joy because I am no longer a prisoner to the illness.

    I am so hopeful for you! And I will keep you in my prayers!


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    did you get the IVs and FFC center? i am now battling the EBV and yeast. Also. did you take the high dose (4500 mg) of Valtrex?
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    It's so good to hear from you and to know that you continue to improve, and that life is joyful and beautiful for you! When I get discouraged I remember what you and others have gone through to regain your lives, and especially your positive attitude and encouragement.

    I have transfered my care from Cleveland to Seattle closer to where I live, and am so very happy with Dr. M and the staff there. Since I have not really been improving, she had me take the Igenex Western Blot, and I tested positive for Lyme. This could be the break I've hoped for.

    One of my supportive friends was rejoicing...hurray, you have Lyme! Just meaning that now I have some sane answer, and can begin to be treated. Without the FFC it would not have been found.

    Enjoy every minute, and especially the time with your daughter, they grow up so fast.

    Best wishes and good health always,
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    Yes, I have been taking the 4500 mg of Valtrex since January, 2005. My numbers now are very close to being normal and for that I am very grateful. Dr. J. also has had me taking Transfer Factor 4000 for EBV and that has helped to double-team it.

    The yeast is an entirely different matter. I have been taking Diflucan and Uva Usi (plus the Liv52 to combat any ill effects of the Diflucan to my liver). I've also modified my diet greatly, but it continues to live inside my system with very little change to the blood test numbers. So I've decided to supplement my work with Dr. J. and recently started seeing a holistic doc who just started me this week on the zapper which I have heard Mikie speak of very highly. I'll do it three times a day for 5 days then see if that helps. This is day 2 and already I feel a significant difference...I'll report back to you and let you know how it works!

    I had one IV the first visit to the FFC and it was not ever suggested that I receive another. I have a friend that goes as well and she gets an IV every two months and she feels it helps her.


    So great to hear from you and that you are doing well in Seattle! You're right, it just takes time, the right docs, and the right treatment protocol and we improve!

    At this time last year, I was barely functional, couldn't leave the house and was trying to conserve my energy to go to my dad's for Thanksgiving (1 mile down the road from me!) and be able to sit on his couch for 1 hour....such a difference to this year! Today, I picked my daughter up from a sleepover and spent the next two hours looking at houses (I'm looking to move from a condo to a house), then took my daughter to a play date, then spent the next 3 hours Christmas shopping, picked my daughter back up, went to dinner with friends, did some light grocery shopping, came home and made a pie and cleaned the laundry room....not bad for a person who could lift a finger a year ago! And I'm not tired yet!

    It can be done and we can heal and I hope you continue to share your light and love as well. You have given hope to many on this board and I am so pleased to watch your progess!

    Many Blessings to you both!


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    You are absolutely right that finding the lyme disease was a blessing! Remember all that Sarasmom wrote about Sara and Ben....they have made huge strides since beginning treatment...and now you will as well!

    I will pray for your healing to be rapid and sustained!