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    I was jsut following up to see if you are still on the valtrex. When we last spole you were on that and TF. How much TF are you taking? How are you EBV levels? Did yours ever show current infection?

    it's crazy all of this talk about the FFC but it seems you really liked the dr. the best. I wonder if she is going to handle patients over the phone. She sounds great. I like my philly ffc dr. but I think he just keeps trying different things to see what works. He told me I was better the other day and I was like a little but not ready to leave!
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I haven't been on the boards much!

    Dr. J. took me off of the valtrex back in February when it appeared as if my ebv levels were not decreasing. They had decreased from the initial levels but were not yet in remission. The levels did still show traces of an active infection. She switched me to a supplement called "cumanda". It is a natural anti-viral. I have been taking that since February and am due to be re-checked in August.

    I believe that Dr. J. will handle patients over the phone. I really like her and feel she has helped me a great deal. I don't know enough yet about her new practice, but I do know that she has integrity and the best interests of the patients at heart. I have made great progress under her treatment. She is very open to discussion of treatment options and, in fact, seems to enjoy these discussions.

    I hope you find the right treatment for you, too! You also might look up old posts by Sarasmom who's children received treatment from Dr. J.

    Thanks, Jane and best wishes!

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    Good to see you on the board, and I'm so glad that you are doing well. I was in remission for 11 months, but now I have a virus and temp, and have had a little setback. My CFS doctor has me on Famvir, an antiviral.

    What is "cumada"? I'd be interested in what your Dr. J has to say. I'm always looking for antivirals.

    Best of health to you

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    Just a follow up to your question....

    I think the cumanda has worked really well. I'm due for followup bloodwork and I'll let you know if the EBV is now gone!