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    My name is De and I just read your words on the Worship Board.

    It is something I was afraid might happen someday and it hurt to see that it finally has.

    Thankyou for letting me know that your post was missed. That in itself took alot of courage.

    I was on alot in the AM but my computer was being repaired, later in the day. I had just gotten it back and saw your post but when I opened it, it disappeared.

    I tried to do a search for your name but all I could remember was "wish_to_be_happy" and that didn't work.

    We are not like what your thinking....but I do understand...it looks bad.

    If I can ask this favor of you...Please repost to myself or all of us and give us another chance. No topic is off limits unless by ProHealth.

    This was just an aweful thing to happen and I'm soooooooooo sorry it happened to you.

    I do have a DR. appt. today but other than that I will be looking everywhere for you.

    If you would rather, we can also chat. I think Mr Computer is fixed. Thanks so much for reading this. dejovu
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