Witch Hazel . . . This has definitely helped me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    Hi everyone . . . I have had major problems since becoming ill with CFS having lots of opportunistic infections . . . especially vaginal and urinary tract. One thing that has helped me immensely with the urinary tract infections is using witch hazel on toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom. I keep a bottle on the bathroom counter and use it faithfully! This has been a wonderful discovery because my hypersensitivity to drugs is really bad right now and taking antibiotics for UTI's was making me sicker every time! Wanted to post this in the hopes that it might help someone else . . . Love, Terri
  2. klutzo

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    Witch hazel is also a great treatment for hemmorroids, esp. for those people who cannot use Prep H due to taking antidepressants or having high blood pressure. A cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and held there as long as you can does wonders. Of course, I had to stop using it since I started the Guai protocol.
  3. TerriM

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    Yep, I knew this also, but thankfully right now I don't have that particular problem . . . one of the few :) Love, Terri
  4. gardengrow

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    Just wanted to tell you what has worked for me regarding urinary tract infections. As soon as I feel one coming on I start on cranberry supplements. You take it just like a pill and drink some water with it. They work great! They prevent me from getting the infection and I just stay on them a few days until the symptoms go away. Cranberry juice is the old standard therapy but I cant drink it because of IBS and acid problems. The supplements dont upset my stomach at all. Anyway, thought you might like to try this sometime.

  5. TerriM

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    I have used the cranberry supplements years ago and used to drink a ton of cranberry juice, but I now have an insulin problem and all of them have too much sugar. I should probably get some cranberry pills again . . . good suggestion. The witch hazel has worked well, but I have worried a little about the witch hazel (an astringent itself & the alcohol in it, although only 14%) being too drying. Its helping me now so I will continue to use and once I can nail down what my immune problem is I will hopefully cut back . . . I think I would still use after sex to try to keep infections away. Terri
  6. kerrymygirl

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    That sounds good,can also try babywipes and vasiline intermitantly.
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    hi, I would get cheap babywipes and pour witch hazel into the container and have the benefits from both. Ive done that for hemroids because I thought Tucks are a little too expensive. Bye,Rosa
  8. TerriM

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    I have a friend that does that with the baby wipes, too. Then she can take them with her when she is traveling also :) Terri