witch hunt of dr sarah myhill uk by general medical councel

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    as many of you will know and love dr myhill and have been greatly helped by her treatment protocal i thought you would like to know of the witch hunt and that they are trying to take away her licence to practice due to her web site. a complaint has been made and no patient has been harmed. please help in our campaign to support her as you may know this is not the first time and we won last time so lets support this great dr guys.


    Dear Mr Bridge,

    I know you will receive many letters in support of Dr Sarah Myhill, now
    facing a summons to attend a second Fitness to Practice Hearing (Case
    Reference: PB/C1-314994282), particularly from her patients who fear that,
    if she were to lose her licence to practise, they would be left in isolation
    without care from anyone else.

    My concern is for the matter of justice in this case. I presume that the GMC
    has taken legal advice before deciding, on the basis of an unsubstantiated
    anonymous complaint about Dr Myhill's website, that “there is a potential
    risk to public safety”? This seems an aberration of the principle of justice
    enshrined in English law of innocence until proved guilty.

    May I ask: are you proceeding solely, or principally, on the basis of
    uncorroborated allegations of one anonymous man? I ask because the
    opportunity for mischief making and even spite or malevolence seems obvious.

    Especially if your replies are in the affirmative, I shall be lobbying my MP
    for an urgent review of these principles in law and looking at the
    comparative positions in Europe and beyond.

    Whatever the outcome of this enquiry, shall we learn the identity of this
    complainant; if not, why not and, if it turns out that he has committed some
    offence or wasted the time of the Council, will you prosecute him with the
    same vigour as you have Dr Myhill?

    Yours sincerely
    Dr John H Greensmith
    ME Free For All. org

    If you wish to show support, read Dr Myhill's open letter here

    Contact details:

    1. Email the GMC on pbridge@gmc-uk.org
    2. Telephone Mr Paul Bridge on 0161 923 6417
    3. Fax Mr Adam Elliott on 0207 189 5177
    4. Post to Mr Paul Bridge, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman St,
    Manchester M3 3AW quoting Case Reference:
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    you do not have to offer a donation just your signatures are strong enough

    thank you
  3. simpsons

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    you do not have to offer a donation just your signatures are strong enough

    thank you
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    does one have to live in the U.K. for the signature to mean something?

    You'll want to leave off the word
    part of the url above to get to the site where you actually sign -


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    I find this website that is being discussed?

    This is apalling information.
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    she really has a lot of info on that site.

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    You are right--lots of information. It will take some time to read it and take it all in.

    It sounds like this GMC is truly after this dr. I am not overly familiar with the UK's agencies and or the role government plays in the lives of its citizens.

    This GMC sounds like the USA's AMA. Based on what little I read there seems to be "no due process" taking place in this action. She is being notified, has been notified in the past, but this institution does not seem to be interested in her responses and are not taking them into consideration.

    I have recently been dealing with various states' institutions (not judicial) and there is an element of "due process" in each situation. One state does not offer or inform the reader of "due process" but it is alluded to. The other state clearly states an option that indicates "due process" but does not refer to it as such.

    I do not know if "due process" is something citizens of the UK have a right to or not. Without it an individual is really at the mercy of their government.
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    My doctor doesn't always follow your so-called "science based" medicine. She realizes that alternative medicine is becoming much more popular, and that some of it does have merit, therefore, she is willing to try new treatments when the "tried and true" isn't working. Without doctors like Dr. Myhill, medicine would still be in the dark ages. I thank God for doctors who are capable of thinking outside-the-box. We are really in trouble the day that these doctors are stripped of their licenses.
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    Thank you, this is appalling - one of the very few doctors in the UK who will actually treat neurological M.E. instead of delivering the usual abuse, contempt and nelect we receive from most of the medical profession.

    I've written to Mr Bridge at the GMC & sent a copy to Dr Myhill (who sent a lovely thank you note)

    & signed the petition


    (339 signatures so far)

    facebook group here:

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    they want signatures from around the world, so I signed.

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    I have also signed. There aren't very many signatures so far so hopefully more people will go over and support Dr. Myhill.
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    I hope that more people will write in support of her, too. Her research re mitochondria alone has made a huge difference in explaining what is going on in many of our bodies, and her suggestions for treating that issue are the only things that have made ANY difference for me so far. She definitely helps a lot of people and her articles are often on pro health's newsletter.

    She offers hope to a lot of people for who mainstream treatments do not work at all. She does not push any of her stuff; only gives good explanations as to why she recommends what she does, and so much of her info is free on her site and in her articles. She is one of the only UK docs who is not into the "mainstream" b/s treatments of CBT/GET.....considering that CBT/GET is ALL that is offered by the traditional doc in the UK, I would hardly say that her lack of endorsement of that kind of treatment is bad.

    It is possible to write letters in support of her, if you do not feel that signing the petition is enough. I think the address was listed in the first post in this thread. If not, I will have to dig it up later, bc I have to go now. I did write a letter, and sent a copy to her, so that she knows she is being supported, and so that the committee cannot try to say that they did not get the letter. (Others have expressed fears that they may try to do this.)
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    Hi, all.

    Since Dr. Myhill's announcement on Friday that the General Medical Council in the UK is threatening again to withdraw her medical license, there has been a major mobilization of the international CFS community to offer her support.

    The following have occurred:

    John Greensmith posted his letter to the GMC on Co-Cure.

    The aboutmecfs.com forum was notified by Cort Johnson.

    Craig Robinson informed Co-Cure and other groups that he had begun collecting and collating copies of communications sent to the GNC. "Hundreds" of them were reported to have been received by the GNC over the weekend. Dr. Myhill herself received 75 over the weekend from people in several other countries in addition to the UK.

    Dr. Saugstad of the European Society for M.E. wrote to the GMC in Dr. Myhill's behalf.

    A Facebook page was set up in support of Dr. Myhill by three supporters.

    An ipetition was initiated. I just checked, and it has 439 signatures at the time I'm writing this.

    Jane Bryant of the One Click Group announced to the GMC that she was mobilizing her "pressure group" in support of Dr. Myhill.

    Mary Shomon posted an article to her thyroid group (which is available via Google News).

    There are probably other activities that I haven't heard about.

    If there are people here who have benefited from reading Dr. Myhill's website, which is what the complaint against her is about (that it's a threat to public safety), and who would like to lend some support to her in her "hour of need," you can do so by writing to the email address cited earlier in this thread.

    Best regards,


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    Please all support the UK's wonderful Dr Sarah Myhill as she faces a GMC disciplinary hearing for the SIXTH time, by signing the petition:


    don't forget to write a letter/email supporting her to the GMC as well, that's more important than the petition:

    1. Email the GMC ...on pbridge@gmc-uk.org

    2. Telephone Mr Paul Bridge on 0161 923 6417
    Fax Mr Adam Elliott on 0207 189 5177

    4. Write to Mr Paul Bridge, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3AW quoting Case Reference: PB/C1-314994282

    & send a copy of any emails to Craig Robinson, who's collecting them for her:


    details of her plight here here:

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    This isn't about money. The UK's medical system is "not for profit". You can't even blame big pharma this time as the UK's idea of treatment is GET and CBT. This is about a doctor who isn't subscribing to the GET and CBT treatment plan.
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    Your point is what?


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    We can't make different choices if all the alt docs lose their licenses bc of stupid anonymous & completely unsubstantiated claims (which is what is happening in this case and has happened other places)......just bc you don't like or trust alt docs does not mean that they do not help a lot of people - we should be able to choose

    alt doc are still doctors, btw (Dr Myhill,& all the alt docs I have been to are real doctors)- they have gone to med school and taken the boards, etc, so yes, they do actually know about sleep tests, etc.....and many alt docs, like mine are actually integrative and will use conventional as well as alt treatments, based on what they think will work best and cause the least bad effects

    many of us absolutely cannot take meds and alt treatments are the only options we have.....there are a lot of very good reasons why testing does not get carried out the same way on things like supps that they are on meds (& actually when you really learn what happens with much of the drug testing, you can find plenty of info showing that they are not truly reliable or unbiased and many, many of the drugs out there are FAR less safe than many of the supps)....but we have already had this discussion far too many times.....I only bring it up bc the choice should be ours....it should not be based on one stupid claim when not one of the Drs actual patients has ever complained

    and no, they are not actually going by innocent until proven guilty......they contacted the Dr on a thurs and told her she was supposed to be at the hearing on mon (giving her ONE business day to try to get representation and pull together a defense - hardly even close to fair).....dr myhill was able to get it delayed some, but they are still not giving much time

    they have gone thru patient records w/o consent by the doc or by the patients, they were trying to get public stopped from attending, and they have done several other things to thwart due process......and I am not remembering clearly exactly what it was (I just woke up and am not really truly awake yet), but several of the letters written in her behalf and some of what she put on her website explain it better - they are doing something that basically does away with the innocent until proven guilty thing)

    she is one of the leading researchers on CFS, she has done a lot of work related to the mitochondria, the heart, and the many chemical sensitivities that many of us get.....as well as much more......some of her suggestions have helped me more than any others I have tried thus far & none have caused any issues (while drugs have made me significantly worse many many times)......and yeah, key word there is research - she does do a lot of research - she doesn't just throw out any old idea.....and she is not charging for patients to read her research either, so you cannot claim that she is all about the money

    and again, most of the people who have CFS are intelligent enough to be able to evaluate what she writes and to determine whether it sound reasonable to try or not......in fact many of us have probably done more research than those with traditional docs bc we are not just blindly following what conventional docs say (no, gap I am not saying that you do this, inc case it sounds that way)......yes there are some gullible people who may get taken in by some of the quacks who are out to make a quick buck off of a vulnerable population, but that is not what Dr myhill is like, nor is it the case with many of the alt treatments....and most of us have seen enough and read enough to know better than to be taken in by those who truly are quacks

    as far as alt stuff goes though, I would be probably be completely bedbound all of the time if things like supps were not available......and I HAVE had some very serious reactions on many occasions from following conventional treatments

    if you don't like alt treatments, don't see an alt doc, but don't try to get them stopped from practicing and ruin it for those of us for whom they do help.....and stop acting like we are idiots and cannot figure out whether or not the alt treatments might make sense for ourselves.....we do NOT need to be "protected"

    well, let me rephrase that, we don't need to be protected from alt docs.....we do need to be protected from those who would take away our access to such treatments[This Message was Edited on 04/17/2010]
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    @ gappsych

    "What I am hoping, is this will be the start of looking closely at doctors who use unscientific methods in their practice and prey on people with our DD."

    Are you serious? You have a very rose tinted view of the UK medical system I must say. All this will mean is that Sarah Myhill could get struck off, resulting in many patients who ARE benefitting from her care with no one to help them or provide them with medication.

    If they were going to "start looking closely at doctors who use unscientific methods" then they need look no further than every single GP I have seen in the last year. All NHS.

    I have severely abnormal blood test results (including permanently low white cell count, severely fluctuating ESR, persistently high EBV, CMV titers). I went from an extremelly fit and active person to a bedbound one in the space of two weeks. However, none of this seems relevant to my doctors. They don't seem concerned that my condition is constantly deteriorating and have been openly disbelieving that I am ill. How they think I fake blood test results with my mind I have no idea... I suspect my immune system is also shot but they don't seem to want to test this.

    What have the NHS suggested? CBT and GET (given that I can't walk, the latter seems ridiculous, even by their standards).

    If Sarah Myhill's advice is dangerous, then you are right, her methods as a doctor should be examined but it seems to me that at least she listens to patients and believes they are ill. How has a complaint about her website managed to result in this when my complaints about my treatment by the NHS have not been upheld. Oh that's right - they are just following the NICE guidelines.

    I know that my arguments do not defend doctor Myhill but if someone has gone to all this effort to destroy her reputation, why don't they direct this energy at someone else. Simon Wessely has done more damage to the plight of ME/CFS sufferers than anyone else. He is still practicing, however. He is applauded for his fantastic work and complaints against him have not been upheld. Madness. His "treatments" are not based on science. The studies he so proudly quotes are highly flawed. I do believe in the merits of double blind trials, incidentally. Luckily for Mr Wessely, you can't do a double blind trial on CBT. How handy.

    If Dr Myhill has harmed a patient, it is up to the patient to complain. Not some random who has too much time on their hands browsing the web. Why can't they direct their energy towards bringing down the system that has abused anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from any kind of illness that results in fatigue.