With 9/11 anniversary............

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    fast approraching, I feel the way I did on that day and the weeks following it.
    Today I am starting to reflect.
    It happened so close to home, this crime against America.
    It reminds we that we are living in a different world, a dangerous world.

    Yet we must still find hope in hopelessness, love in hate, goodness in the human race.
    I will remember those who lost their lives on that dark day in September, amen.

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    Definitely a call for a bump....

    Please take a moment of reflection on this Saturday...for all of those who perished as well as the heroes. Also pray for our country and that we will make the right decision in November! What an important time and an important thing to think about that is covered up in 'slush' as I call it by the media on a daily basis. And as we reflect on September 11 think about what you want for our country for another four years.....Please Vote in November!

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  3. sangria

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    Today I will pray for all of those in the path of Ivan, and those already hit by it.

    I would also like to honor some women friends that I know, they may not have fibromalgia but some of them have autoimmune illnesses; Lupus, arthritis and yet they go to work daily.
    They accept the bumps that life has given them. They do not complain, even though I know it is hard for them, I have seen pain in their faces, but they choose to be happy, and go on. I am very proud to be friends with them.

    And today and tomorrow I will pray often for the brave men and women who died on 9/11