with all these meds. anyone have my problem-constipaton?

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    HI! thanks (ALL) for your posts! all your info really helps! but yet i have a BIG promblem, CONSTIPATON!! ive tried prunes,fiber wafers, WATER always every night. but now that i started clonazepam i CANT go POOOOOO (sorry ) anyway my DR gave me a script for( miralax)______((( NOT MIRAPAX))) she said it will make me GO! anyone heard of it or used or using this? also the health food store guy said to use 1400mgs of magnesium oxide& mag.gluconate and it would get me going real fast!!!! MY DR told me NO DONT DO THAT! (health food guy )is telling me people w/ FM are anemic and if we were to take some sort of IRON he sells we wouldnt feel this way. anyone else hear this? BOY i guess if that was true we'd be all WELL huh! oh ya thats right its all in our heads!!!! anyway any input will help love getting all your posts i hope i dont BUG all of you with every thing that i ask! HUGS! MONA
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    Hi Mona,

    Have you tried Apple Juice? That works for me...i am not taking the medication you are, tho...I have heard, and have tested for the anemia...We also are not supposed to donate blood, makes us too tired and who needs to feel MORE tired? I am seeing a psychiatrist also and take Cymbalta, which is a new drug for pain (FM & CFS plus depression) but it has minimal effects so far. Luckily my Neurosurgeon and Psych are working together, which is unusual, because of the "it's in our heads" theory. So i see them both and stay hopeful. Good luck with your situation...hope the Apple Juice helps!

    Ever hopeful,

  3. and it works well, once you get used to working with it, (it is a powder, and you will have to learn how much is just the right amount for you, and whether you need it once a day or twice a day to stay regular and how much of it).

    I liked it because 1.) Insurance covered it, (LOL) (Senekot is exspensive OTC!!! my pain clinic doc recommended it to me, and only gave me a few sample packages--you take 4-8 tablets at a time, you get cramping, lot of gas with it, and wow is it exspensive just for a bottle of 48 tablets! just for *ineffective*, painful, gassy, "relief" that was highly unpredictable....nooooo thank you.)LOL

    2.) I liked Miralax-because I don't recall the painful gassy *exploding* type "relief" that you can get from other types of laxatives that hit you at inoppertune times like Ex-Lax, *Senekot*, and other laxatives that may have the stimulant qualaties in them, even though they may say they do not contain stimulants in them, or do not cause cramping, gas, or bloating.

    3.)Miralax can be put in anything, water, tea, coffee, juice of any type, it is pretty much tasteless.

    4.) Being a powder, you can "fiddle" with the 'dose' as little or as much, as you need to.

    5.)It is, fairly quick for relief.

    My aunt was rx'd Miralax as well, and preferred it over others, for medication related constipation. I found that it worked best in my morning coffee. My aunt started putting it in her coffee as well, when she learned she could. She'd been drinking it in water only before then. In water, though, you sort of swallow some "flakes" of Miralax, that don't quite dissolve, but they DONT really have ANY taste to them, they just won't dissolve. so really, I always preferred to take it in coffee, pop(not so as good-kind of makes the pop 'flat',and I quit pop) or juices.

    Anyhow, it should really help you out. The label on the container will tell you what all you can put it in, and you'll find what dose works best for you in no time, and it should be gentle for you. No cramping, pain, or *running*(I Hope not) to the restroom, if so, just cut down, on the amount a little.

    Take care,

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    I found magnesium citrate in a liquid soluion at my local pharmacy. It comes in cherry flavor and lime flavor.

    It's a 10 ounce fizzy drink but you only need to drink a 6 ounce dose.
    It works every time for me.

    Osco doesn't have a name brand for it, so it is labeled under their brand "equaline".
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    My doc recently took me off Miralax because I was having terrible bloating and gas. He has me on Senokot and Colace now, which has not been very effective. He told me the maximum dose of Senokot was 2 tabs, twice a day, but the package says 4 tabs twice a day. I will ask him about that when I see him next week.

    I have had constipation problems for years and before I starting seeing this doc, I just treated myself with ducolax, stool softeners, citracel.....nothing has ever worked very well. The Miralax worked - but not the way I liked. I "tweaked" the dosage every which way and couldn't find one that worked well.
  6. I had to use it for years for constipation problems, and ran into the problem of it eventually not working anymore, as well as it once had for me.

    But, I don't recall ever having problems with gas or terrible bloating like you. That's a real bummer, to put it very mildly.

    Senekot gave me that, along with cramping in the bowel, and little or no result, if I did get result, it was minimal, and with sweating & nausea, & cramping and a lot of gas & stomach, bowel (& for me pancreas agitation & pain/spasming along with the duodenum & stomach). what a nightmare just to go to the bathroom just a little bit! UGG!

    Hopefully you can find something that will work better for you and not have to use a combination of 2-3 different things!


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    I used to have IBS-D until all these drugs. At first it was nice not having to go 10 times a day. If I cut my pain meds in half, I can go a little easier but not much, plus I have to deal with the extra pain too.

    I now take two Exlax pills every four days. I haven't found anything else that will work. I know they say you shouldn't take laxatives on a regular basis but I can't imagine it's any better to go 5, 6 or 7 days without going.

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    Hi Mona...wow did your post hit me as I have been dealing with the same issues....so awful!! I was taking Senekot-S, (with a stool softener) 2X/ day, drinking tons of water, eating my normal fiber in my diet, using Citrucel, adding another fiber product to my shakes in the morning (Nutri-Fi) and STILL the doctor had to add Miralax to help get things moving!!

    I couldnt' stand it....I weaned myself off of Methadone which I believe was the major culprit. Within a week I am not taking any fiber and things are back to normal...whew!!
    Miralax is really good and does help.

    The problem is that Methadone helps the pain more than any other drug that I have taken, and without it, I am miserable. Oxycontin helps a little as does Baclofen (muscle relaxant), but I just couldnt' live with the constipation with Methadone. Good luck to you....
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    for all of those who get a little sore down there(from going too little or too much) I think Desitin helps better than anything else to stop burning, chaffing, itch etc.
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    I just started taking methadone and maybe this is why the constipation is worse.

    I need to start increasing my magnesium. I take 4 a day now so maybe I'll start with 5 then see then 6 then see. They worked before and helped with the pain too.

    I have tried Correctol if it got really bad. I've had these forever.
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    well i started miralax fri and then today sat still no GO!!!! so did the enima thing again can we say PLUGGED!!!! i feel like im going to BLOW!!! but i dont!!! im full of prunes , water, apple sauce ,apple juice i cant go!!!! i feel sick i have no gas my tummy is getting bigger and bigger! husband said my need to go to hospital if i dont go soon???? someone said to cut down on meds im going to try that tonight!!!!! wish me luck!!!!!! plus maybe ill take another dose of miralax now , what do you think? i should of posted this a new post not sure it will get read. HUGS!!! MONA
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    I got stopped up too. I started taking methadone in October and it really, really helped with the foot pain and I was so excited about it!!! Walking and not feeling like all the little bones are breaking!!!! BUT, I just couldn't go!! I let it go on longer than I should have trying all the prunes, and anything else I could think of. I ended up stopping the meds, eating a laxative, and also having to do the enema thing!! That was not fun!!

    Anyway, I asked my pharmacist and he said that a lot of people with meds that cause constipation can take a stool softener. He said to start with 2, 3 pills until I "get going" then hopefully get to one a day. Well, I started back on the meds and and taking the softners, and it has been working out well. :) I still have to take one in the morning, and one at night, but it's really cheap at COSTCO.

    I also can't say I'm exactly "regular" but it is soooo much better!!! :)
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    It wouldn't hurt to try a natural rememdy over a prescription med.

    You could try (for constipation) HCL (hydrochloric acid). Our bodies produces less of it as we age (or because of meds we need more) and so you could try taking a couple of them with each meal or heavy snack. If you take too many or if your body doesn't need them you'll know by the burning sensation you'll get in your stomach. If that happens you can neutralize by taking baking soda (but only if you don't have a problem with salt). Chances are you need it.

    My husband had a problem with constipation (not from meds) and so I put him on a HCL therapy program. He would take sometimes handfuls with every meal. And after several months he would get a little burning and I would reduce the amount he was taking. Pretty soon he was down to 2 a meal and then none. He poops regularly and doesn't have to take anything. I have to get on him about eating vegetables though. Just like having a little kid.

    You can get it at your health food store or on line. It's not expensive. I like the Solaray brand.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  14. crumpton

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    Today in our ads for coupons there was a number for anyone on strong pain meds and if you are constipated, they are having a clinical research study about the constipation.

    I couldn't believe that someone is doing a study on this. Especially to advertise in our coupons for patients. A full page ad no less for participants for an investigational drug for constipation caused by strong prescription pain meds. I'm not sure if I would want to be a part of this or not.

    Did anyone else see this?

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    Get your Dr to give you a stool softner they work wonders also there is a great laxitive thats all natural called Senokot you can get a perscription from Dr for this much cheaper.
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  16. I've BEEN THERE!

    I truly am sorry. There is no misery like having the urgency of needing to go and not being able to! I never had it so bad as I did NINE days after having had my gallbladder removed, and not realizing it had been that long since I had 'gone' ---until it was WAY too late. Then late that 9th day, and evening.... the urgency hit me, hard. Literally, figuratively, and every other way.

    I was in total AGONY. All that day, trying everything in the world to go. I took 6 or so Ex-Lax, Fiber-Con, paced the halls, I was whimpering, I was very sick still, with vomiting, this was my first few months of my illness, back in 2000, they thought my gallbladder was making me sick, so they took it out, it only made me sicker. (Its a pancreas divisum problem, one of the ducts not draining right, + duodenitis, erosive gastritis, IBS, celiac's disease causing the nausea/vomiting/bloating/pain, etc-it is better, but still working hard to figure out diet, supplements, etc.)

    By the time my husband came home that night I was screaming in the bathroom, anyways, 2am ER trip, and 5 hours & 6 & a 1/2 SSE's (soap suds enemas--ICK) later I was FINALLY at home resting in bed!!

    It was indeed due to a major combination of medications I was on, like phenergan, morphine (after surgery med), and a bunch of gut drugs, like smooth muscle relaxers, I may have been on a trial of elavil at that time for some dumb doctor(???) etc... a bunch, I know..

    PLEASEEEE BE CAREFULLL NOT TO LET YOURSELF GET SEVERELY BLOCKED!!! It sounds like you are headed that way anyways, but I hope you can find something to relieve it before it gets to needing ER for help.

    If you have done Fleets at home, please make sure* you are doing those correctly also, giving them enough time to work, and administering the enema *slowly* over several minutes, and laying on your left side is best, so that it can work its way to your colon. And, though the body does not like to hold those enemas in, lol, try to hold them in as long as you can, that is how they work.

    I really hope you can get relief soon, and be pain/bloat free. It's sure not fun, and I hope you don't have to cut back on meds, and suffer just to get relief. :-(

    (((((Hugs))))) (have your hubby hug ya, maybe he can squeeze it out of ya, ;-) lol j/k

    Best of luck,

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    YIPPEE!!! after taking another dose of miralax and another today plus apple juice, 2 more magnesium vit. and apple sauce for breakfast i went!!! my goodness!!! anyway thankyou for your support!!!!!!!! HUGS!! MONA
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    while typing, as i type sooooooo slow ,2 more posted , you guys are so good to me , you truly make my life for the BETTER!!!! thought i'd let you know. i'm sure alot of us feel the same way??? HUGS!!!MONA
  19. That's what's most important, now we won't worry that you & your hubby would be making any ER trips. Glad to hear everything "came out ok" (LOL--sorry for the pun, lol just relieved to hear of your relief. ;-) (I'm such a dork. LOL!)

    Now, hopefully, you won't be running back and forth to the bathroom, with all that in your system, but, even if you are, you might need to a bit,..to get 'cleaned out a bit' and then things will calm down, I'm sure, and *then* you must* stay-on-top-of-things!

    Take your miralax each morning, maybe one dose, or two to begin with, then one daily, you'll figure out soon how much is the right dose, to keep you moving. And, you might need juice as well, throughout the day, along with it.

    Everybody's different.

    Take care,