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    I have seen some talk about they are in talks/process of FM being an auto immune disease. Here is what I have been thinking this past month since seeing a thing on the news about them doing chemo on lupus patients and there was great sucess! I know they only did it on 14 of them, but I would be a "guinea pig" for the chance of some sucess! Has anyone talked to their dr about this? Seen anything like this with the FM/CFS?

    Thanks! God Bless!
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    My mother was on chemo last year and I bumped into my chiropractor. He told me that they (not him) do sometimes give one of the meds my mother was on for FMS patients. Methotrexate is the name of the drug.
    I don't know. These drugs can have serious side effects.

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    I have been on chemo since March 10. My CFS symptoms of 15 years are almost non-existant. For the first time in over a decade, I have been able to eat anything, go for walks (it's been years since I've been able to exercise) and have felt remarkably well....EXCEPT that I developed an anal fissure which required surgery in the middle of chemo, and now I have severe anxiety and depression due to fear of managing the pain associated with bowel function. I would agree that CFS/fibro has an autoimmune/hyperimmune aspect, but chemo is an extreme treatment. But then, I'm being treated for an aggressive cancer, maybe in smaller doses???? diane
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