withdrawel creepy, crawley, icky feeling

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    oh my goodness!
    i thought i was going to lose my mind and im not kidding!
    it seems like on the third night or so of my pain fentanal patch,
    ( and im grasping at straws here)
    i go thru the crawlies
    and nerves creeping under my skin and Nothing i do will make it stop!

    i had this for like 2- 3 times now and am waiting for dr to call me back
    ( you know how that goes....).

    would it be time for a patch change?
    do you all ever have the creepy crawlies for no appaarient reason?
    i am scared to lay down practically.
    thats when it hits me.
  2. homesheba,

    im currently going through that creepy crawly feeling that you mention in your post.

    a paramedic who came to my home,when i was ill the other week said that he thinks i am having these skin crawling feelings because im withdrawing from amitriptyline 50 mg,tablets.

    ive been off it for over two months now,i think.

    i had to come off it as my tongue was swelling up bad,and i couldnt breath properly.

    id been on it for 14 years,and my body must have decided that it hated it.

    anyway,i was told that weaning off the amitriptyline over a two week period,wasnt enough.

    i should have weaned off longer than that.he didnt say how long though.

    so his thought is that i am still weaning off amitriptyline,and thats why my skin is crawling.

    but ive also been overcome with fumes at work,that affected my lungs.

    i feel its possible that the crawly feeling is from that.

    take care,love fran


    when i lay down on my back,the crawly feeling goes away,isnt that weird.

    i know i can feel movement of body hairs,my skin is very sensitive.
  3. hi all,

    i found some leaflets that i was given at a fibromyalgia pain management course a few years ago.

    and ill write what it says as regards nerves.


    nerves conduct information via nociceptive impulse traffic,to the central nervous system.

    a nerve consists of 3 types of fibres,which respond to adverse mechanical,chemical or temperature input from the periphery.

    C fibres look after tissue health,conducts chemicals.

    A delta fibres respond to mechanical and heat and cold stimuli.

    A beta respond to light touch and pressure and proproception.

    they also close the pain gate.

    these nerve fibres release chemicals (nero pepides),which increase plasma extravasation,stimulate local circulation and histamine release from mast cells.

    many of these chemicals actually interact with the nociceptor terminals,to lower their firing threshold,e.g. sharp pain with movement.

    there are a large number of different chemicals involved in pain.

    love fran
  4. hi all,


    the nervous system is complex,it is dymanic and ever changing.

    the information (sensory) from A beta,A delta,and C fibres,pass along the nerve to the spinal cord (dorsal horn).

    a nerve fibre,within the dorsal horn is activated by chemical change and sends the message back down to the nerve as to how we feel it,e.g,sharp,ache.

    this simple exchange of information between the cells is complicated by messages that come down from the brain,that can be affected by many other factors,some of which we have some control of.

    other factors are known to affect pain.

    ISCHEMIA,(poor blood supply)

    inflammatory chemicals that surround nerves may be transported into the nerve.

    loss of circulation,or poor blood circulation to the nerve results in ISCHEMIA,which leads to oedema,possible inflamation and later fibrosis.

    blood to the nerve is essential for maintaining and powering impulse transmission.

    prolonged position = prolonged stress = increase pressure in the system = decrease circulation and tissue fluid.

    love fran
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    i am almost scared to wonder what else will happen with this fibro stuff.
    the dr called and said he wanted me to come in to re evaluate me... hmmm???
    i sure pray that doesnt mean he's gona boot me.
    i am so parinoid of that now a days.