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    i am on topamax for numbness, pain and burning. I am up to 50 mg. a day. It seem to do good for awhile now i am going numb again all the time, going to call my dr. to see if he will up it again. I am the first one he has tried topamax on though. He uses neurotin which didnt do anything for me. can u jump up from 50 to 100 or do you have to go from 50 to 75 first. I know you guys arent drs. but my dr. didnt seem to know much about this drug. It was under my asking and what i knew about it. I have done very well with the topapmax with no side effects so far. thanks mama
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    have a nice day. mama
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    ........and apparently there went my post into outer space because it isn't here! Anyway, my Dr. started me on 25mg of topamax 2X a day for 2 weeks. I up my dosage to 50mg 2X a day this Saturday for the next two weeks. Then it is bac to the Dr. He will increase I imagine again at that time. I have very little side effects. Had twitching in my right eye for the first few days but that was slight and it has pretty much gone away except for a rate twitch now and then. I can't drink soda pop at all. My beloved pepsi tastes like cola flavored peroxide! Yuck! I know I am better off with out it, but boy, oh boy do I miss my afternoon pick me up. (I now drink decaf tea, green tea (unsewwtened) and ofcourse water. Have 1 mug of coffee in the am.) Back to the topamax. Took me a few days to get the time of my afternoon/evening dose situated so I didn't sleep through the alarm in the morn. Imagine being in such a deep sleep you sleep through the alarm. It is GREAT! I now take my evening dose as soon as I get home from work at 4:30/5:00pm - no later than 6:00pm. Any later and I run the risk of over sleeping. I get up refreshed. Do not have that hung over feeling. I am less achy. I have not had the terrible side effects that some experience. I also have not had the increase in energy that some have experienced. Maybe that will come. Nor have I had the decrease in appitite or any weight loss that I can tell. That was the one I really wanted! LOL! I put topamax in the search field at the top of the page and printed out a bunch of stuff which I took along to my Dr. when I asked him about it before he put me on it. It has not been as widely used as some of the other drugs I don't think for FM. But so far so good for me.