Wobbley Legs...weak knees..??

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  1. jeannedanna

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    I have read a lot here about muscle weakness...how about wobbely Legs....weak at the knees...I can be standing and it feels like my knees want to to the opposite way (backwards)..mayby this sound odd..but that the only way I can explain it...any one else..???
  2. Kathryn

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    It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough that I am going to ask the doc for a prescription for a cane the next time I see him. What really bothers me is that I can be just fine one moment, and on the ground the next. I have been using my dog to lean on, but he is getting old and crippled himself. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to run your symptoms past your doctor. Odds are he will just tell you it is another of the more interesting features of FMS, but he may want to rule out something more nasty. Best of luck to you.
  3. rbtheidmanhabs

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    Hi jeannedanna!
    I have the same problem all the time!My legs are so weak and painful I can hardly stand it.I have 4 pillows under them to try and help but it only helps a little.it definately is part of FMS.I go back to see the rhumetologist in Jan to see if he can help me more.
  4. marcus1243

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    It's gone from being a intermittent symptom to being a fairly constant one now (though it varies in intensity). It's always perfectly symmetrical, and sometimes painful, sometimes not. I'm taking magnesium, but I find that it helps only with stiffness and cramps, not with pain or weakness. And yes, I know exactly what you mean by the 'double-hinged' knees!

    A spinal MRI might be worthwhile if you haven't had one.


  5. MEBryan

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    Boy oh boy! Do I know about that!

    When I was at my worst through out the 1980's, my legs were so useless that I could not stand on one leg. I used to put one arm up on the wall, lift a leg and see what happened. I would sink slowly however hard I tried to stand. This was a good test as to my recovery. I'd be no good as a chicken trying to sleep, that's for sure!

    Also, I tested myself by sitting and extending my legs and again, trying to hold them up out straight. However hard I tried to keep them up, they sank to the ground.

    When walking a knee would without warning seem as though it was swivelling and I would drop. Walking was difficult anyway, sometimes not possible at all.

    Sometimes I was paralysed: could not move the legs. I explained to the doc, that I could feel if I was pinched or knocked, but simply had no power to move them.

    I was so angry sometimes that this anger enabled me to walk by somehow swinging the legs from the hips. Twice I remember being stuck, standing up, unable to move forward for sometime.

    But, here I am 20 years or so on, with comparatively minor CFS now; although it has its moments.

    And though I said about being no good as a chicken, I still think we have a disease that's pretty foul (fowl?).
  6. marcus1243

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    First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm delighted for you that you're much better than you were -- and that's a great message of hope to the rest of us. And secondly, I'm curious as to what your other symptoms were, and what your treatment protocol was, if you don't mind sharing..?

    I'm convinced that many people on this board who think they have FM, actually have CFS AND FM, because muscle weakness is so much more a symptom of ME/CFIDS/CFS than it is FM.

  7. MEBryan

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    Marcus, There's a reply on the other thread too.

    To answer about my symptoms. When at worst:
    Paralysis of legs sometimes for hours. Unable to raise arms above shoulder height. Taking an hour to dress; shirt buttons difficult. Dizziness and light headed. The horizon was waving like the sea. I was walking as though on the deck of a rocking boat. Unable to focus eyesight. Sleeping 18 hours a day. Weak limbs, tingling limbs. Couldn't carry briefcase, it fell from my weak grip.Two hands on a cup. Had to drop hands from ten to two position on steering wheel to my lap. Sold manual car and bought auto. Couldn't hold car pedals down - they pushed my feet upwards. Slurred speech at times. Hot bath's a no-no. Falling over when legs gave out. Pain anywhere. Burning down spine into legs in waves. Once entire body in painful agony - just sat all day in chair: slightest movement made me yell - absolute agony having to go to bathroom etc. Muscles so weak could not stand upright. Stinging chest and back. Feeling nauseous but never vomitting. Foggy mind. Add your own to that lot - it happened to me.

    These days: with rare exceptions... weak sensations in limbs, sometimes in body, but not actually weak. Heavy limbs. Sometimes foggy brain. Sometimes visual effects. Extreme tiredness at times. A good night's sleep and an afternoon nap essential to well being.

    A long time ago, my doc said I should go swimming when it was bad. One morning, I got out the pool and collapsed - the legs were dead! I shouted to a pal in the pool, "Look at these flippin' legs, they won't go!" Several people offered help, but I said, "No, the ess Oh bee's have got to work." It was a job, but I got showered and changed and drove home. That was the end of that therapy.

    Almost forgot, I'll edit this in: Treatment... none, ever! Just rest, collapse and pacing. My doctors did not believe in ME/CFS/CFIDS or myself... not until recent times.

    Wow! That's enough to go on with.
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  8. marcus1243

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    I find myself replying to you across two threads here, but I have to admit on reading this one that your symptoms were actually worse than mine are right now (which isn't to say mine won't get that bad!) I guess the hot baths being a no-no for you would have rung the alarm bells re MS. Most of my symptoms actually seem to be alleviated by hot baths -- I find myself wishing I could stay in them 24-7!
    Interestingly, my FMS was all but beaten last year, and then I started a new relationship with a (wonderful) girl who had been dx'd with CFIDS/ME. From that point on, I nosedived health-wise, developed neuro symptoms I had never had before, and generally became much more ill (as did she). Certainly makes you think there's a viral component at work here, doesn't it!