Wobenzym / Bolouke ? - Anyone tried ?

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  1. deepak

    deepak Member

    Anyone has tried Wobenzym or Bolouke ?

    What was the experience ?

  2. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    it's pricey...I tried it once some yrs ago but cost kept me from continuing with it.

    There are many other Zym anti inflammatories on the market and much less expensive....I may look at another less pricey "zym" too.
  3. deepak

    deepak Member

    I knew you would have tried this

    but the question is - did you notice any effect from it ???

  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    ago and I was NOT as pained as I am now...didn't stay with it long enough, so don't know. I believe one has to stay with something for 2-3 months and often times the results are subtle...but results are results...

    There is a product Zyflamed and others like this and I may try them again for 2-3 months and look for subtle help.

    My most MARKED change supplements are Grape seed ex (not an anti inflammatory per se), Vit D3, armour thyroid....these 3 are my most MARKED results in my health.
  5. deepak

    deepak Member

    you mean GSE helped you in your knee pain ? will order for mom then.

    Were your thyroid tests off the charts or you treated symptomatically

    I have recently started taking iodine tablets and feel better as i was having hypo symptoms but tests came normal
  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    helped my knee pain.....grape seed ex has HELPED my total immune system majorally.....

    My thryoid tests were NOT off the charts, but I needed thyroid support regardless, tests are almost fruitless....

    Good on the iodine, I take Iosol daily....

    Deepak, do a search here in the Search section for past posts of Wobyzm.....

    I use many topical gels for my knee, homeopathic works good, this type of medicine does more "repair" of our body. Also wear a knee glove support and especially in the cold weather and wear it in the house and for sure when I go out. I don't want anymore surgeries.....hip was enough....too much actually. [This Message was Edited on 01/07/2013]
  7. deepak

    deepak Member

    but doctors not usually ready to give thyroid medicines unless levels off the chart - did you start taking on your own ?
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I went 10 long years with that "normal" dx from an internal med doc, kept giving my anti depressants as depression was my big thing.....but I really thought I had a sluggish thyroid.....that went on 10 long miserable years.

    Then one day I called my osteopathic MD who worked on my back for many years and asked him what he knew about thyroid and we talked on the phone and he called in a script for Armour (NO LABS) and in 4 days the depression lifted....this old D.O. knew his stuff....

    Then over years I read, talked to friends and found the stop the thyroid madness group and that's my history on thryoid...

    Sadly, too many, suffer as the doc they see isn't helpful at all.....

    The old time docs KNEW about the thyroid and they gave Armour long before any thryoid labs existed....
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  9. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    and much like Jam, it was about 10 years ago. Price wasn't the issue, but effectiveness. I use the Source Naturals Fibro Response on and off because, like everything else, after awhile it just stops working. I have had good results with the Pain RX and from Meriva Curcumin. Going to try the raw honey and 1/4 tsp. cinnamon that I heard about (was it here? I'm fogging again!) and see what that does.
  10. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    are more $$$ than I want to dish out.

    I'm doing a search today for an anti inflammatory to try again and reading about InflamMotion, it sure is affordable.
  11. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I am allergic to red dye and the caps are bright red. I dumped them contents out into clear gelatin caps. My doc does hypercoagulation blood tests. They didn't think it was working that great for me. So I started with heparin shots for 10 months and that cleared up my hypercoagulation. Have you had the Hemex MOCHA test (now Labcorp) to find out if you really have a fibrin issue? Your sed rate is a good indication of a problem. Mine was 1. My markers went the other way with not enough clotting so I went off heparin.
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  12. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    good on Anatabloc now closing in on one month....knocking out inflammation and in doing this reducing pain...

    I'm taking less PAIN MEDS now and that is great. jm