Woke up this am with severe low back pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am wondering what is going on in my body. I don't have a clue as to why my lowe back is causeing me this pain that hurts so much. I have not strained my back by lifting my grandbabies so I am some what baffled as to why I hurt so badly today.

    I am finding that I haev more questions about fibro and how it affects your body. Is fibro a bfrain CNS problem? Is my body not accepting the chemicals that my body produces or is it my brain not making enough of those hormones that ease pain in my body?
    Who do I ask these questions to? I don't know. I do iknow that i don't like my rehumy much and feel like he does not listen to what I say adn just has one thing in mind to ease my arthitis pain and that is having both knee's replaced. That is not going to happen due to lack of money , patience and pain tolerance.

    I have been reading up on fibro and from what I gather no one really know what it is still.Some say it is the lack of supstance P {What ever that is}, or that fibro is due to our CNS not functioning right. Which is it or is it both?
    Is my brain not working right and not producing the chemicals it needs to ease pain in my body? Is my body just falling apart not working right, and there fore I have pain know one knows where is comes from and why I hurt like I do.

    I have soi many questions and no one to ask them too. I don't know what type of doctor who does have the answers or understands why I am hurting so much. I am a misfit I don't fit into a mold where doctors have answers to my questions.

    I just feel like some thing is not right in my body but I don't know how to word it ask to where this abnormal problem is. I don't know who to talk to about this who can explain to me what and why my body is doing this to me. I can't find a doctor who knows alot about fibro , mps, DDD, spial stenosis, buldging discs in the L4 to S1 region. Is this pain from the arthritis I have?
    What am I doing wrong? I must be as i am not getting any help from the meds I am taking and I have a doctor who will not allow me to increase my pain meds for any reason.
    I just feel so bad and have more pain today than usual and don't have a clue as to why I Hurt so bad.
    I know that no one can answer my questions but i had to ask any way. One more question what is substance P any way, how does it work and could i not have enough of it in my CNS?

    See more questons than answers. I thank you all for reading this post, I knoww that you don't have the answer either , I just am at my wits end and on' have ansers and really need then soons. I have questions and no one can answer them I just wonder if any one has the answers i need to hel me live a better life?
    Thank you again for reading this post, YOu all do make me feel better by letting me now i am not alone in this fight. Thanks again.
  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I find it's a daily "what's going to help me today" kind of life. I have a tennis ball in a sock and I hang it down my back while leaning against a wall. This helps massage those sore muscles.

    I also made a rice pack thing that has large velcroe straps to wear on my low back. I cut large pillow shaped material, sewed them together, leaving top open. Then put in some rice and sewed up close to the rice, continuing on until I had rice filled channels. Then cut the straps to fit around my waist. I heat this up off and on all day to wear on my low back, hiding it with a long blouse. It really helps while I go about my chores.

    I also need to buy stock in BenGay! I use that all the time to help my muscles and pain.
  3. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    You might have strained your back without knowing it. That's happened to me several times where I thought I was okay after lifting something but found out the next day that there was a problem. I have found that magnesium oil is really really good for back pain. I applied it several times a day and at night and it helped a great deal, rather quickly.

    For a doctor, try looking at the website acam.org - American College for Advancement in Medicine - they have a list of integrative medicine doctors. I think they are about the only ones who have a clue what to do with these DD. If you scroll over "Health resources" at the top of the page, you'll find a link to click where you can look up doctors in your area.

    Also have you tried magnesium and malic acid, or magnesium malate, for energy and pain relief? It's helped a lot of people.

  4. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    who understand because a lot of them still feel is is a "throwaway" diagnosis and some others "don't believe" in it at all. If I had a dime for every doctor I have seen in the past 20 years, Johnny Depp would be my next door neighbor. The best guess (and they are still guessing) is that it is an autoimmune deficiency, a neurotransmitter malfunction, a chemical imbalance or genetics. Or all three. For some, autoimune makes a lot of sense because they seem to succumb to disease. But on the other hand, you can wind up never having a cold or flu, but the heavy-hitters REALLY hit. Sometimes medications either don't work or have exactly the opposite effect, or we become so highly chemical sensitive, we can smell someone smoking in the next state. I believe the genetic side, because both my daughters have pain issues. Although my husband doesn't have FM, he had Crohn's and we discovered that that, too, is an autoimmune disease, and in fact the same gene as FM.

    Arthritis, I am told, is not one but many diseases. Crushed discs, herniated and bulging discs, stenosis (which is a narrowing of the spinal canal and causes the spinal canal to press against the nerves. This can send pain radiating just about anywhere in the body) and other issues.

    I DO wish I had more answers for you and I hate the fact you are in so much pain. I wish we didn't wake up every morning with a new set of problems and the nagging question "Okay, what's today going to bring?" Trying to second guess your pain levels tomorrow is like trying to thread a needle in the dark. Just know that there is a big, understanding bunch of us that care and will always be here to listen!
    Soft hugs,
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    It really does help me to get thru the really painfull times. On Thrusday I had to take my MOm to the hospital to get her blood work done and she didn't have teh correct form she needed, Instead she had brought the notes that her doctor writes for her at each vist. telling her what his plans are , when to see him again and just simple things like that. So I walked out to my car and got the form she needed from her purse and walked quickly back to the lab again, It took for ever to get her bood drawn this time. It is rare that she has to be poked more than once but it was three times. I think that she was dehryhated more than usual as we have been having one heck of a heat wave here in Northern Utah. Then is was to the medical supply store to find her a donut to sit on as she says she is sitting on sharp rocks and they poke thru the tissue paper skin she has. We found a good one and had the sales person blow it up and then went home.

    I had to get her in the house,just the reverse of going to get her blood drawn. It was all the walking from the car to the lab back to the car back to the lab and back ot the car adn then in the house. I walked far more than usual thursday as well as onTuesday when I drove her to the doctors a 55 mile trip from my house to hers and to the doctors and back to her house and back to mine. I felt worn out big time.

    When I woke up this am {SAt.} I could not stay awake no matter how hard I tried. I must have dozed off and on most of the day so now i am wide awake. I feel like I have really done a hard work out several times over again and again. and now I am paying for it. It was so bad that I didn't go in to town to swim in teh pool with teh grandkids I just slept. Now I can't sleep. I have had a really nasty headache all day and finally it has left me and gone away.

    Thanks Leah for your thoughts and suggestions I do appereicate them more than you know.
    Sunflower girl I also thank you for listening to me and offereing me suggestions to help my pain.
    The same goes for Stacey I too ahte the a dded pain I am in and the added fatique that hits me out of no where. I wish that there was an answer for it. But so far I can't find one.

    I wish I knew how to talk to about this fatique and pain that takes over my life and won't let me have even a semi normal life sstyle
    I figure that I walked to far or at least more than I usually do. I Know that I need to start slowly and only exercise for just a few minutes a few times a day But I do what I have to do.

    I really hate the fatique that has been weighing me down adn not letting me do the things I need to do.

    I realy wish I could find some answers that would help me to be abel to live a more normal life.

    Thanks for the support and comfort you all send to me.
    Lots of LOve
  6. bestmom2012

    bestmom2012 New Member

    I know how you feel. With my first child 7 years ago i had an epaderal and they did something wrong. It tore open my L-5 disc so it is herniated and caused sciatica plus i have arthritis too and degenerative disc dissiese. Know i have three children and cant have any more cuz it could paryalize me i am only 28 i feel where did my life go Thank god i have my husband it is so hard to get through each day the pain is sometimes caused by the arthriitis but that is usually do to cold or rainy weather the other days are just from a pinched nerve or fybro. i hope you start feeling better well ttyl god bless you.
  7. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    problems from the epidural. I too wanted more kids, I have three daughters. My ablitity to not have children was not do to my epidurals but to my female parts that didn't function right.
    So at age 34 I had every female part removed, I had a total abdominal hyerestectomy including removing my tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix and just for kicks appendix.
    I had tried for a few years to get pregant but it didn't happen like the others did. All I had to do was think I wanted a baby and poof I was pregnant . My girls are not close together in age.Alicia is 34. Amanda is 30 and Jessica is 27. I had Jessica at age 28 and then no more.
    I am blessed to have three wonderfull daughters who have blessed me with 7 grandkids, 5 grandsons and two grand daughters.

    I screwed up my back while I was working as home health aide, I helped an elderly lady in to her shower, but she would not use a shower chair it was a kitchen chair with a plastic covering on it so she stuck and lost her balance and was falling so I caught her and that did number on my lower back and I am
    paying for it still. L4-L5 ++ L5- S1 are both bulgling and now they are causeing me a new symptom my right foot right at the ball of the foot goes numb and feels like I am walking with a rock in my shoe. It I sit for a while and lean on my leg then the whole foot goes numb up to my knee. And then it hurts like heck. I am not one big on having steriod injections in my back or any where else as they only cause me more pain and not relief. That was the only suggestion my doctor gave me.

    I also have end stage oesteo-arthritis in my knee's adn need them replaced but do to a huge fear of surgery , added pain and flares from hade's , and not enough money to do it I am not going to get new knees any time soon. I have osteoarthrits in my back , wrist and shoulder. I am falling apart fast.
    I use to belive that My knee's were older than the rest of me, right now they aare over 100 yrs old and the rest of me in 56yr.
    So I have to learn to live with pain , not much helps ease it and I have tired so many differnt kinds of pain meds and have found that the least amount is better than taking a huge amount. Strange body I have. I have chemical sensitivities, to anti depressants, cigrette smoke it really makes it hard to breathe.
    I just get adjusted to how I feel and then my body flares up and every thing changes and I am once again up a creek with out a paddle. I feel like I am falling apart and no one knows how to fix me. KInda like HUmpty Dumpty falling off the wall, he broke and no one could fix him either. So I will have to adjust and find a way to cope with what ever this DD brings in to my life.
    I wish you the best and you are so blessed to have your children. I Hope that you are doing well now.
    Soft hugs for you.

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