Woke up with a nose bleed just what I needed to wake up with

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 12, 2005.

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    My pain doctor tells my to take ibprophen and so I do, it really does help with the headaches and some of the artritis pain. But every time I start taking it, I get nosebleeds. Some are nothing to worry about and others take quite awhile to clot and go way. And that was the one tonight , I rubbed my nose as it itched and all of a sudden I had blood running down my face. So up the stairs I went and it quit about as soon as i got up stairs but it is frusterating to me.
    I am at a crondry as to take the medicatation of not. As somedays I don't have a nose bleed for weeks and then all of a sudden I get them every few days.

    I have asked the pain doctor and he said that it was from the advil{Ibprhen} and our dry air. and unless it lasted longer than 20 minutes it should be ok this one lasted maybe 5 minutes so I am not really concerned about this one. But why me ? do I always have to be the different one who has all the strange things taht happen to me?

    I always have had nosebleeds quite easely but they never last long and i don't reall know what starts them. But tonight i had just gotten to lay down and get all nice and warm when my nose itched and suddenly there is was blood running down my face. It makes me angry that it is my body doing this andI need the sleep because my stomach does not feel so good .

    I know taht I am far from normal inall things. But having my nosebleed is getting to me for sometime after I get a headache on the side of my head that the nostril was on that was bleeding. It does not last very long , it is more of a sharp pain in my fore head and is bothersome but notso paifull that I can't stand it but I want to know what did I do to get these happening to me?

    Can't I just be Normal for once? That answer must be no. for i had wrapped up in a quilte tonight and I had dosed off on the couch and I felt the blooood as it ran down my face adn laned on teh sofa, so that meant I had to get up and clean it off so it wouln't stain. And it didn't but I just don't like this ha ppenign to me. I really must be on teh abnrromal side fo this. So this time i am going to go to my BED to sleep adn put some neosprin on it so that it will be moister andmaybe not bleed/

    So does this symptom happen to anyone or is this one just me? . Now it is off to bed but I have to take someting for my icky stommmache too and then I wil rest too. Thanks for listening to me whine about silly things.

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