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  1. slowdreamer

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    Just read some of your posts re adrenal insufficiency diag..It is quite concerning to me....

    Some years ago a very smart dentist said '
    "They will find ME/CFS in the Endo System because that is the least understood system in the body"

    Well it a few years later and we are still waiting but I still think it is a very relevant comment..

    Your cortisone worries me..I found A good Chinese Doc who helped me with hormonal and glandular problems..
    I think the more wholistic approach is better rather than the shotgun to knock off the canary.
    I am thinking of you and hoping your spirits are surviving today...just read Mikies post on Chat about a Neuro anatomist who had "a stroke of insight" good stuff for stress reduction and how to get away from overwhelming thoughts.
    Best wishes to you
  2. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Slowdreamer,

    How are things going for you down under? Or up top as the Aussies see things? I like your comments about using a holistic approach to endocrine issues. This is certainly my philosophy as well. Am just starting to experiment with some EFT techniques and have been experiencing some success with it.

    Hi Wolverine,

    I thought I would bump this up for you. I've not been on the board much recently, but glanced at a couple of your recent experiences with supplemental cortisol. Sounds like you've somehow gotten your body to be able to accept it after experiencing such devastating pain with previous attempts.

    I would caution about staying at 40 mg. or above per day, as this is the amount your body normally makes in a day. William Jeffries says staying at this level or above could cause the adrenals to shut down. He usually recommended 20-30 mg / day.

    Perhaps you need these higher levels for the time being, but you may want to consider whether you should stay there long-term. Wishing you the best as you continue to navigate this situation you find yourself in.

    Best Regards, Wayne
  3. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Thanks for that Slowdreamer, and great to hear from you Wayne, had been waiting with interest to hear your opinion on my current situation.

    Slow: My current posts worry me too! lol. It's been insanely difficult. Unfortunately for the moment no holistic approach is going to fix the current accute situation of the adrenal probs. I am taking further holistic measures, but for now i feel im being kept alive by the shotgun of cortisone therapy.

    Please see my newest adrenal update post for more and would love to hear more from you too Wayne.

    ~Chris. [This Message was Edited on 11/29/2008]

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