Woman cured of FM by hypnotism

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    There was a segment on one of my local news channel (Philadelphia) that had a doctor on who regularly uses hypnotism to heal. He is a well respected doctor, as he is a main physician for professional sports teams... Flyers, Seventy-Sixers. An interview was done on a woman who claimed she was 100% healed of fibromyalgia that she had suffered terribly with for many years through hypnotism by this doctor. How can that be, we wonder??

    Sylvia Browne (the psychic woman) has a book out called 'Past Lives, Future Healing'. In this book, she claims all cells in our body have a "cell memory", and the instant our spirit minds enter our physical bodies, they infuse the cells of our bodies with all the information and memories they possess. It's in the SUBCONCIOUS that our spirit mind lives, remembering every moment our souls have experienced, in this life and every other life we've lived since we were created.

    Sylvia claims many of our bodily 'ailments' in this life that we cannot pinpoint the source (nothing shows up on tests, pain that starts with no cause, being told there's nothing wrong with you and it's all in your 'head') is caused from cell memories. For example, she had spoken to a woman in her thirties, whom suffered a strange ailment when her throat would mysteriously begin closing on her, leaving her gasping for air. It began when she was 15 years old, happen 3-4 times a week and no doctor could diagnose her problem. Sylvia hypnotised her and took her to a past life where the girl lived in Africa, during early child-bearing years. The girl was going to fetch water when she was attacked by a lion. The lion ripped at her throat, causing her to die. Thus, the cell memory triggered that physical experience for her in this life at age 15 (early childbearing years.)

    Another example is a man who walked most of his life with a limp, claiming he had pain in his right foot, but doctors could find nothing wrong with his foot. Sylvia hypnotised the man and he went to a past life in 1821 when he was 12 years old, living on a farm with a clubbed right foot. He was a shameful burden to his parents, whom pushed him hard, overworking him in the fields in an effort to make him strong, causing much pain in his foot. His cell memory carried the foot pain into this present life.

    You have to have an open mind with this, as I find it quite facinating. Perhaps we were ill in past lifetimes that have similar symptoms to FM that our own cell memories triggered from a past life. As far as the hypnotism goes, the subconcious mind a has very strong power on the physical body. For example, under hypnosis, when the subconcious mind is in charge, if we're told that a hypnotist's finger is actually a lit match and that finger touches our arm, the cells of our arm will form a blister, exactly as their programmed to do when they're burned.

    Now, that's something to ponder....
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    We Buddhists accept past lives and future rebirths as a fact of life and attribute it to the circumstances we are born in and the conditions we face as we journey through life.

    This is not always easy to stomach particlarly if we are burdened with great troubles and challenges which do not seem to go away. Since we do not remember our past lives it seems unfair we have to pay for it in the present lives..but the aim of a Buddhist is always to get closer by purifying past negative patterns to the point when we do not reincarnate at all and are free of lifes sufferings.

    There are some videos of past life regression sessions on utube.

    God Bless
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Although I am not a buddist myself, my belief about the life cycle is very similar. I believe our souls are on this Earth, traveling in our bodies as a means for us to learn and grow. I make every effort to learn what I need given a certain situation I am in, so I hopefully will not need to repeat the lesson's theme in the next lifetime and graduate to learning other things. I just think the whole theory of cell memory is amazing, especially given most of us on this board suffer from an 'invisible, mystery' illness.

    Be well!!

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