Woman hoarding dolls and term amputated

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    I have been seeing advertisements on TV for a hoarding show that are about an elderly woman who collects dolls--she has collected way too many and thus will be the feature of the show. What struck me as creepy was that some dolls had no arms or were missing a leg, and this elderly woman would mention that she "amputated" that limb for the use of another doll. Most people would have said they took it (the arm or leg) for another doll--but her specific use of the word "amputated" appeared as a bit creepy to me.

    I heard somewhere that she may be or may have been a nurse and perhaps that is part of the use of that specific term, but I've never heard it applied to a doll.

    What I have read is that hoarding on a level such as this lady is a mental health ailment and considered part of the obsessive compulsive disorder. Other stories I have read seem to entail some incident in their lives that "set them off" into this hoarding lifestyle.

    Wikipedia has a large site on hoarding, including hoarding by humans and hoarding in the animal kingdom (which is usually food).

    Part of their site states:

    "Compulsive hoarding
    Some hoarding in humans may be a form of mental illness, specifically obsessive-compulsive disorder,[3] where the perceived importance of the hoarded items far exceeds their true value.[4] In severe cases, houses belonging to such people may become a fire hazard (due to blocked exits and stacked papers) or a health hazard (due to vermin from excessive pets, hoarded food and garbage or the risk of stacks of items collapsing on the occupants).

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    Confused: thanks for the info

    To everyone: There are so many hoarders shows on TV now depending on how many cable channels you get. They are popping up on several channels. I can't watch them because they are seeing the misery and disintegration of a person mentally, and many times animal abuse (in care) and all of it is just too much for me to watch.

    What I tried to bring out in the first post was the hoarder's view of the dolls and "amputating" limbs from them. It was odd and perhaps an insight into her world, albeit for me an initially creepy insight.

    The first hoarder shows (and the last that I was willing to watch) that I saw: (1) was a person hoarding mostly trash items and underneath all that trash when it was cleaned up were many skeletons of cats who had died there and totally decomposed. I didn't notice any type of sense of loss of those animals by the hoarder and it all left a creepy feeling for me.

    (2) Next was a woman who had stuff all over the home and had old food in her overstuffed refrigerator that needed to be thrown out and instead the woman was eating it. Some food that needed to be refrigerated wasn't even in the refrigerator. The social worker sent to help felt the hoarder was in danger of making herself seriously ill from the food she was eating, plus the conditions she was liing in. It was really bad.

    I was shocked in reading a while back, I think it was Mayo Clinic, that hoarding is not considered a psychiatric ailment in and of itself. Instead it is considered to consist of several psychiatric ailments. Maybe in the future that will change and it will be considered it's own psychiatric ailment and professional treatment will be able to develop a better way of helping these people.

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