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    I'm absolutely dying of menstral cramps. I take oxycontin in the morning 20mg & to day took 1 percocet as well. 20 minutes later I threw up as I was in so much pain, but only took one more Percocet as I'm sure everything had at least disolved. I tend to get relief very quickly if I take pills on an emty stomach. Any good ideas for relief, as I'm literally kealed over in pain today. NEVER have I had cramps so badly!. Thanks, Laura
    PS Going to try a bath
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    I know what you are going through. I had endometriosis and the cramps would put me under. Muscle relaxers worked best for me and Naproxene for the swelling. I had a hysterectomy when I was 35 and it improved my life alot!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!
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    I suffered with this for years, kept throwing opiates at the pain which did NOTHING! I finally listened to a girlfriend and tried 600mgs of Ibuprofen. Worked like a MIRACLE! It is the ONLY thing that helps my terrible cramps. I have them so bad that I am in agony from my waist to my knees. I am now able to get by on 400mgs but must remember to take it every 6 hours or the pain starts again.

    Give it a try. I hope it will work for you too.


    p.s. Your thyroid being out of whack isn't helping either :(
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    Other than the usual Motrin, muscle relaxer, hot water bottle, you might try a high dose of Calcium, Magnesium and Vit B-6. Once you get through this period, I would suggest you get Salivary testing for all your male AND female hormones. You are quite likely VERY deficient in Progesterone. Do you also have painful or fibrocystic breasts? If you have PMS or are even just moody or tearful premenstrually you may be REALLY deficient in B-6.

    My daughter used to suffer HORRIBLE menstrual cramps and would miss a day or two of school or work each month. She would be writhing in pain, tears and vomited also. I would give her my RX pain meds and muscle relaxers. She still suffered horrible. She had the worst fibrocystic breasts. (And only 19 or 20 years old)She is very small breasted and would feel like a handful of thousands of tiny B-Bs, and very painful.

    I did salivary testing of her hormones and found her to be Estrogen Dominant and bought Natural Progesterone cream. The very first month, her breast were 95% better and ABSOLUTELY no menstrual pain. My periods were not that bad, but when I started it, I had NO WARNING at all that my period was due, or starting. No pain AT ALL. I never had a problem with painful breasts so can't comment on that. For each of us, it regulated our periods to exactly 28 days. The stuff was like a MIRACLE really.

    So my recommendation is:

    For this period, an anti-inflammatory (if this is compatible with your Rx. meds), Calcium, Magnesium and B-6. (I also WOULD NOT use products like ALEVE which contain Naproxen sodium. Many women already have a problem with bloating and water retention and the sodium could increase this symptom)

    Start on daily minerals, with extra calcium, magnesium.

    Start on daily Multi Vitamins with extra B-6 the week before your period.

    Get Salivary testing ASAP, and possibly start Natural Progesterone cream treatment.
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    Laura: I know we are in the same city and yes you can have your hormonal (saliva) levels check through a specialized lab. Rocky Mountain Analytical in the city. They check for estrogen/progesterone/testosterone/cortisol. Give them a call.

    Check out the website. I bought the book "You've Hit Menopause Now What?" written by the Physican and Pharmacist who work at the lab. Very informative reading.

    I went to a clinic last weekend and was started on a low dose estrogen/progesterone since I'm into perimenopause/menopause and night sweats/hot flashes.

    rmalab dotcom


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  6. RedHeadEMT

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    Sorry to hear of your pain; like we need more pain on top of the pain that we deal with daily, huh?!

    I'd have to agree with all the other posts, which were great and really informative (great job, ladies!). However, I wanted to add a few things since I, too, used to suffer from LONG, painful, heavy periods and TERRIBLE cramps from my first period till when I was 17...

    -Try warm baths, as you said, just not too hot, as that can increase bleeding and even cramping.

    -There is an herbal supplement which is OTC called Estroven for PMS. I used to have deadly cramps and moodiness and this did wonders for both. It's a bit on the expensive side, but SO worth it.

    -When all else failed for me, my OBGYN put me on birth control pills, which I have been on non-stop since then (9 years now). I now have periods that last for about three days and little cramps. Once in a while, I get a day of cramps, but the severity is very low.

    Hope some of these help for you.

  7. bunnyfluff

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    BTW- I was just in Radium Hot Springs- what a lovely area!! We flew into Calgary.

    I can sypathize with your pain- this was my issue for quite awhile after the birth of my son- I was 35. It got to where I could not walk- literally!! The other advice is correct about the Motrin- 400-600 mg is okay, Rx even goes up to 800 mg per pill, and that will usually knock it out. Something in that ingredient is ideal for cramps.

    My problem was a fibroid in my uterus, it was rather small, near the back side, so they couldn't really feel it on exam, but that accompanied with a little endometriosis starting was enough. I think I am a very sensitive person. Anyway, I got a partial hyster, and all is right with the world, and who wants a darn period anyway?? I was through having kids, so it was no issue to me.

    Hope you find some relief :)
  8. JLH

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    I am so very sorry to hear what pain you are in.

    Have you had a thorough exam by a GYN doctor lately? If not, I would go and insist on a complete workup to find out why you are having such a bad time.

    Pain pills only mask the problem. You need to find out WHAT THE PROBLEM IS so you can do something to fix it!!

    I can't offer any solutions for temporary relief, as I had a hysterectomy at age 32 and I'm almost 56 now--so it's been so many years that I can't remember anything!

    Hope you feel better soon,


  9. enjoysue

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    I'm so sorry you are suffering ;-( I didn't get any relief taking oxycodone for my painful cramps last month. Advil or the generic equivalent would probably help more. I was allowed to take 800mg of those twice a day. Now I can't cuz my stomach is messed up. I really like the little heart shape massage thing I got at surprise parties. you could stick it under your pants and maybe no one would notice! Or warm moist towels over you or microwave pack. I like the hert massager because you can put that anywhere you need relief. Even crawl into bed and I hope you have an electic blanket!!

    Feel healthy pronto!!
  10. dragon06

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    I always had a really bad time around my period, the pain was always really bad. After finding out that narcotics wasn't helping the pain my doctor switched me to Depo Provera birth control.

    It is a shot you get once every 3 months. In most women it stops your period completely. I haven't had my period in a year, therefore no cramps.

    There are also other birth controls you can take that make it so you only get your period once every 3 months which is better than once a month. You'll have to google that though as I don't remember the name, I did see it recently on TV.

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