Woman's Day FIBROMYALGIA CHILDREN (and you) Aug 1 2008

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    I think this is a FIRST, especially for a MAINSTREAM magazine. This issue may not be on newstands yet, I have a subscription and just received it in the mail.

    An article on page 70 titled LIVING IN PAIN, chronicles a mother and her teen (pre-teen?) daughter who both are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Also alludes to the mother's challenging quest to get SSI based on her condition.

    In the end, they mention LYRICA as being helpful for coping, but do not suggest that it is "THE answer". Despite that, I was VERY grateful to see this article because it is rare enough to see some public validity for FM, but rarer still to see articles in any major publication that helps to verify that the symptoms are ALSO seen in our offspring (as in the cse for me).

    Major KUDOS to Woman's Day!!!!!!
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    No, it does NOT discuss at all what may be the root cause.

    To know that "root cause" is surely the HOLY GRAIL, and I'd be first in line to sacrifice my life if I felt I could promote a discovery and cure that could help my offspring.

    I am also the first one to dismiss the most commonly published articles on FMS...in which someone finds a "cure" and lives happily-ever-after. Bleahhh to them!

    This article came CLOSE...but it did not really go there. Both the daughter and mother had TENTATIVELY found a way to carry on (job /school) but surely not an ANSWER. Both mom and daughter take about 22 pills per day to cope with their altered health conditions. Even at articles conclusion, the mom is concerned about daughter's future...she manages school only by being homeschooled, which is hardly an option for most working parents and less so for a single parent. And the mother changes careers, hardly an easy option either.

    YES I'm particularly concerned when an article names a new medication like LYRICA (due to side effects, I would NEVER try it). It may be a complicated "win" but I still think that the article brings important attention to the subject of FMS. And...even though they mention Lyrica, and it DID prove helpful for these two...if you read the article carefully, it is clear that Lyrica proved a helpful BANDAID, and certainly not a CURE.

    If a BANDAID can bring attention to the nightmare that is FMS, then I'm for the bandaids. From this article I think I would conclude (if I knew nothing about FMS) that:
    1. the condition is REAL
    2. Lyrica MIGHT help.
    3. There is much yet to be known about the condition.
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    Hi Sleepy.....
    I think it is great that they are getting FM out in the publics awareness.....I have seen a few tv commercials about FM...advertising Lyrica....

    One thing that bugs me is how they say,"My fibromyalgia" the "my" is so very upsetting to me...I do not know why. It just bugs me...it is like we identify ourselves as the ailment....."take a pill and all will be fine" attitude of RX industries...I want a cure not a "band-aid".

    Woman's Day article is a good thing....more people will become aware....there are so many out there that need to become aware...Fibromyalgia is real and it can strike young and old.....KUDOS to WD....at least the "word" is out.
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    Sorry, I responded to your post late last night, and missed your main question.

    NO, they apparently did not have blood tests. I agree that lyme symptoms seem almost indistinguisable from FMS and it does seem one should be automatically tested to at least rule it out. Don't worry about being "politically correct" for my sake!...I don't think I'm ever offended by anyone's honest opinion and I welcome yours.

    I re-read the article today and I am even more impressed. It is definitely not a "fluff" piece; the mother's journey of suffering with FMS and finally getting a diagnosis, only to find out a doctor declined to support her in her quest for SSI (fibro means LAZY) sounds so authentic and familiarly frustrating.
  5. sweetbeatlvr

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    and i cannot wait til this issue comes out on the stands.

    i've been seeing more and more of the 2 page advertisements for Lyrica, and the mangement of Fibro, and was hoping that someday one of these magazines would publish an actual personal story about living with this illness.

    looks like my wish has come true.

    i can't wait to read it!

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