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    I am posting this message in the hopes that it will help somebody or even save your life. My opinion of specialists is very low, they always seem to be arrogant and never listen to anything you say. Well my opinion has hit an all time low. My sister is 50 yrs. old, thin, eats healthy and exercises but she does have borderline hypertension. She has been having for want of a better word, spells where her blood pressure has shot up in as little as 10 min. from a normal reading to 200/ 120 and higher. She has been freaked out as she felt very light headed and her vision becomes very blurry. She has gone to the emegency room 7 times in 10 days, and each time she has gone they have told her she is having panic attacks. And you know, the same old story it's a woman it must be her imagination!! Well the last time she went to the E/R she was on her way home and developed chest pains. My brother in law turned around and took her back to the E/R where they promptly sent her home. Later when a cardiologist was reviewing her EKG he found an irregularity, they then called her and told her to come back to the E/R. She then went to cardiologist and had EKG done, she was then admitted to the hospital. They did a stress that came back abnormal,they did a cardiac catheterization today and found a blocked artery. Now she had't persistesd she would have probably had a stroke or heart attack. It just makes me soo mad,why don't they listen to us. Sorry this is so long, hope it may help somebody in the future.DMP