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    I am new here and I am sure this topic has been touched on before but here goes.

    Does anyone know why most doctors seem to hate women. I am trying to go through some of your posts and it seems to be cropping up all the time by women, myself included that we are nuts and need shrinks.

    I lost my family doc when he moved to the states. This is how I ended up with this idiot. I went to him over 2 years ago because I couldn't stand the pain, I ws short of breath and had chest pain. He said " I don't have time for this now", and I left the office in tears. I have hated him since but because there are a lack of doctors in Cape Breton I was stuck. Things escalated and after the post yesterday when I called to get a copy of the report from the specialist about my FM he didn't want to give it to me. I called The College Of Physicians and Surgeons they called him and then he fired me as a patient.

    As bad as he was, now I have no physician and the likelyhood of getting one is just about nil.

    What makes doctors think we are crazy? Can anyone answer that?

    Also this I know is a longshot but if there is anyone in my area that has or know of a doctor that might take me could you please let me know.

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    I am sorry to hear of all yur stress about the Doctor issues. it is a true shame. I get very flusterated with the way we are not taken seriously by some Doctors' (NO OFFENCE TO THE MEN HERE) But especially male Doctors I have found. I am dumb founded when they preach to me about exercise or doing more when infact I am going all the time with three children. And some days i would rather die then keep going but I have to.
    Do you think that you could go to the College of Physicians and ask for a referral to a pain specialist? It is just a thought. Maybe by doing this you could at least be directed to someone or somewhere else to point you in the right direction.
    My heart goes out to you, I deal with this all the time too. However I am blessed with a great primary Doctor that at least I have to fall back on. I am so sorry for your troubles.
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    Thank you guys for your kind words.

    In defense of doctors, I had a wonderful doctor but he went to Charlotte, North Carolina. He was the most wonderful caring doctor in the world.

    The College Of Physicians no longer do referals as there is no one to be referred to. Seriously!! I live in Cape Breton, and they are having a hard time recruiting any doctors here. I guess that is why I stuck with this guy for so long before I blew.


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    O.K. guys, I have to admit that I am spoiled rotten by living in the Seattle area, home of the Univ. of Washington. It is ranked No. 1 in teaching primary care physicians how to be great doctors and is in the top 10 in research in the nation. Not a bad accomplishment for a public school. It finally dawned after being on this board for a short time why I have NO trouble finding top notch doctors who are on the cutting edge. It's the UW..If you go to a UW physicians clinic, you have darn chance of getting a great doctor in any area. So...what does this mean to you guys..simple...look for UW doctors as they come from all over the country and world to train here. Maybe there is a network of some sort tracking where they work? I don't know as....well...I live here (sheepish grin).

    Also, in the western states the UW has training programs in family and rural medicine working with local physicians. I'd look around and see if you have one of their clinics/offices near you. Quality (or lack there of) rural medicine is important to the school. The states with these programs are Washington, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

    It might be worth looking into. I saw recently at the school that they are doing a study on fibromyalgia. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything there.

    The school is tough to get into and expects the best from it's students.

    Good luck,

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    To anyone that may have taken it as if I was Doctor bashing please know that I was not. A lot of Doctors just are not informed of our DD therefore they tend to think we are lazy and chronic complainers. I just needed to add this okay. I in no way ment any disrespect towards the med field.
    Take care,
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    my BIG, strong and intimidating husband goes to EVERY single appointment with me....he goes into the room with me and makes it very clear that I am not to be abused in any way whatsoever. I am convinced this makes a difference, just like when a woman goes to get a car repaired, she can be taken advantage of, but when a man goes it is a different story altogether! We make all of our appointments for Fridays, (his day off) so that he and I both can go to each other's appointments. Since I am a nurse, he likes me to be with him because I understand better what the doctor says/means. It works great for us!
  7. nldelaine

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    I don't mean to sound like I am doctor bashing either, but I have not had much luck in that area except for the one I had that went to the US.

    I ended up in Emergency today after coughing up blood for 2 days. The ER Doc was quick, thourgh, and arranged for me to get Pulmonary testing right away and in to see a specialist which it usually takes months to see.

    I think that the frustration that a lot of women go through, at least for THIS woman, has a lot to do with myself lashing out. It is bad enough we are so miserable then for a bozo doc to say "oh your teary, I can reccomend a shrink" well anyone would lose it.