Women who have done kidney flush question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jadibeler, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I've been gone for a long time, but I recognize a few names. This board is addicting - enter once and your hooked. I can tell already that I'm going to be looking in every day again, LOL.

    Anyway, I need input from any woman who has herxed from a kidney flush. I'm thinking this is the cause of my current problem but knowing my doctor he will probably brush me off when I see him tomorrow.

    Here's the story. I gradually got away from drinking a lot of water. I'm not a big one for drinking anything beyond my morning coffee, just enough of whatever to get through a meal, and some wine at night sometimes. But last week, during the heat wave, our AC went out. I was pounding ice water, believe me.

    Well, on Weds. I started having to run to pee every few minutes (seconds, sometimes). Looked like the beginning of a UTI but that seemed odd since I was drinking so much and none of the other normal UTI symptoms developed. No burning, no lower abdominal discomfort, no strong odor (until several days into it).

    What I did have was a gradually developing "discomfort" between my legs. It developed into severe pain, like a deep bruise. I told the dr. I felt as if someone had cracked me between the legs with a 2x4! It was constant, did not let up, only got worse.

    At the time I saw the dr. on Friday afternoon I was also constipated but later that evolved in to burning, mucusy diahrrea.

    I switched from water to cranberry juice and took the Levaquin he gave me for UTI. My urine test came back with indications of UTI but no nitrates, which he said was odd. Many hours later, around 2:00 AM, the pain went away and the diahrrea let up. I was still fine when I got up yesterday and for as long as I drank just coffee and cranberry juice. But when I couldn't take another sip of 100% cranberry juice I went back to chugging lots of water - and the frequency, discomfort, pain and diahrrea returned, in that order. I wanted to tear my hair out!

    Remembering back, I recalled that flushing out the kidneys could cause herxing, so as an experiment I stopped the water again, went back to coffee & cranberry juice (yuck, by this time!) It all goes away again!

    Just what is lurking in my kidneys and now being flushed out to cause all this? Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?. My own semi-educated guess is Candida, since I also went off the low carb diet and Oil of Oregano over a year ago. (I still stay away from potatoes, rice, pasta and limit the bread to 2 slices/day but I eat some sweets and drink my wine)

    Any support for my theory out there?

  2. victoria

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    I don't know, so here's a bump for you.

    I do know that if it is bacteria infection, they can form cysts on the walls of the bladder, altho I don't know how it fits in with your symptoms...

    all the best,

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