Wonder if I have Fibro?

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    Hi, I'm new here.
    I was dianosed with Lupus this past October, but I am wondering if I also have Fibro or CF. My pain comes and goes, but can be debilitating. With Lupus my joints stay inflamed and hurt. But when I am having a really bad day, every fiber of my being hurts. I have had lots of pain for the past couple of years in my neck, upper back, and shoulders. I feel like one big spasm sometimes.....even turning over in the bed hurts.
    I also have the dry eyes, brain fog, horrible fatigue, feel like I have the flu at times, and my feet hurt terribly. I also get irritable bowel, walk like I'm 90 in the mornings (I'm 46), have had panic attacks and depression for years (taking Paxil). The sun kills my eyes and I can't hear squat! I've also gained 25 pounds and cant' get a single pound off, and I have night sweats. (sounds attractive, huh?)
    My doc did a series of x-rays to see if there was a problem with my spine....nope. Looks fine, except that it hurts so bad that I would take street drugs if I could get them. I have been feeling like a truck ran over me and my body just hurts all over. I've never been diagnosed with FM. One doctor said that the upper body pain is myofascial pain...what is that?
    Anyway, if anyone can shed any light on this, I would really appreciate it.
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    you have many of the symptoms of FM but I really don't know anything about Lupus and its symptoms. I too have been taking Paxil (20 mgs) for about 8 months and I gained 31 lbs!!!! I have not changed my eating habits whatsoever since taking Paxil but the weight kept coming. I have read on this message board that weight gain with FM is a common theme. At the same time, I have had FM for about 7 years and was always skinny prior to taking Paxil. I asked my doc yesterday if Paxil caused weight gain and he said YES (others have told me no way). Anyhow, I have basically been starving myself for 3-4 months and have lost a whole 8 lbs. I hate it, but the Paxil has worked wonders for me so I'd hate not to take it. I too used to have serious panic attacks and Generalized Anxiety Disorder is something I have had since I was a child. With me, that is where 90% of all my pain is (neck, shoulders, upper back)....I'm curious to know what myofascial pain is as well. I thought I read a long time ago that it was pain in the face, jaws, etc??? I have the brain fog, extreme exhaustion, and during a flare up I feel like I have a horrible case of the flu (sometimes up to a year!) So it definately sounds like you fit in this syndrome. Hang in there...hopefully you find a good doctor who can help you.
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    A big welcome to you, and wow, if you don't have FM/CFS, then none of us do! You have all the classic symptoms of both. Of course I am no doctor, and do not presume to diagnose you, but it sure sounds familiar.

    I have FM, not CFS. But you sound like both. My upper back, chest and shoulders are my biggest pain areas.

    You need to be tested for a magnesium deficiency, after I started taking magnesium two years ago, my life has been at the least 80% better with the pain, fatigue, sleep, spasms, and the foggy brain.

    I found an article that might interest you concerning Myofascial Pain, I cut and pasted it at the bottom of this post for you to read. If you want additional information, just go to the ; 'Home' and 'Library' links at the top of this board and type the name in the search box there.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope you stay with us, we will try and help you find a better quality of life, I know I have since coming to this board over two years ago.

    Shalom, Shirl


    Abstract: Dietary fiber intake in patients with myofascial face pain


    Journal: J Orofac Pain 2002 Winter;16(1):39-47

    Authors: Raphael KG, Marbach JJ, Touger-Decker R.

    Affiliation: University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, NJ Medical School: Dept. of Psychiatry, NJ Dental School: Dept. of Oral Pathology, Biology, and Diagnostic Sciences, 183 South Orange Avenue, UBSB Room F1512, Newark, NJ 07103, USA. raphaekg@umdnj.edu

    NLM Citation: PMID: 11889658

    AIMS: To determine the impact of myofascial face pain (MFP) on dietary intake of selected nutrients.

    METHODS: Sixty-one MFP women meeting the criteria for the myofascial subtype of temporomandibular disorders completed a 4-day daily food intake diary, as well as self-report of pain severity, pain interference with eating, and depressive symptomatology. Nutrient intake for the MFP women was compared with a demographically-equivalent sample of community women participating in the federally-sponsored Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CFSII). Within the MFP sample, multiple linear regression analysis was used to test whether dietary fiber intake reduction was most likely due to pain adaptation, or to depressive symptomatology or associated appetite reduction.

    RESULTS: Only the subgroup of MFP patients with above-average pain severity showed reduced dietary fiber intake compared with the community sample. MFP patients did not differ from the community sample on other nutrient intake measures (i.e., total calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and dietary fiber, calcium, and iron). Within the MFP sample, pain severity was significantly associated with reduced dietary fiber intake. This relationship persisted, after controlling for depressive symptomatology, appetite, and total calories.

    CONCLUSION: Myofascial face pain patients with more severe pain intensity are likely to reduce their intake of dietary fiber. This is likely due to an effort to decrease masticatory activity to avoid exacerbating facial pain. Since low dietary fiber, especially in combination with commonly prescribed medications for MFP, increases the risk of constipation and may exacerbate comorbid medical conditions, clinicians should recommend alternative dietary fiber sources for MFP patients.

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    Welcome to the site! You can find a vast wealth of information here.

    I can't really say if you have FM or not--so many of our symptoms can overlap from one dreaded disease to the next--and some of your symptoms sound like Lupus & some sound like FM. (See the post "50 Signs of Fibromyalgia".) I can tell you where to go to get great info on myofascial pain. Do a search on Dr. Devin J. Starlanyl. She has a wonderful website that covers FM, CFS & myofascial pain. I printed out a lot of her stuff to take to my chiro & primary!

    I'm curious about your Lupus Dx. Do you have elevated ANA? Before I was Dx'd w/FM, they thought I had Lupus. My ANA was slightly elevated, but the Rhuemy said NOT--it's just FIBRO! I, also, have a lot of inflammation & pain in my joints. My primary has had me on low dose of Prednisone on & off for 10 months. I start w/a decreasing daily dose: 60mg, 50mg, 40mg, etc. on down to 10mg. every other day (or it'll be 25mg, 20mg, 15mg, down to 5mg. every other day). I seem to do better on the 10mg. When I decrease to 5mg. every other day, my kneck, hands, knees, ankles & feet start to swell & get inflamed and I get where I can hardly move. I know this can also be from steroid "rebound", but I was this way before we ever started the Prednisone--that's why he put me on it. (I have a customer w/Lupus & she thought I had it, too, & I know that she is on strong dosages of Prednisone + other meds.) I think that's enough about me!!I would be interested to know what your ANA titer scores were, tho.

    I hope this info helps in some way. I & most of us here can relate to that "run over by a truck" feeling! Hope you get to feeling better in the coming days.

    A BIG hug,
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    Since you are already diagnosed with Lupus the pain is coming from that. Sounds like you could have F> and CFIDS also. Do you see a Rhemy?

    I understand about the depression & panic attacks too.


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    Hello back to everyone. This is a great group! Well, I didn't know Paxil caused weight gain....if that's the case, then I will just have to be "big-boned and well-fed" as they say here in Texas. I have had panic attacks for years, to the point that I could hardly leave home....agorophobia. Paxil is the very first med that has helped me get past that. I'm driving places and doing things that I have not done in years....and haven't taken even 1 xanax in I don't know when. It is a miracle drug to me.
    I do go to a rhuemy, I've been to 2 of them. Neither one has said the word fibro, but I still wonder. I know the symptoms of Lupus and Fibro overlap so much.....not sure if they are maybe the same disease. I go back to my doc on Tuesday and will ask him if he thinks its FM. It is so hard to describe the pain, but lately it has stayed at about #8 on 1-10 scale. Rolling over in the bed at night is hard. My back hurts, hips, feet, hands. Or maybe I'm just old and worn out. :eek:)
    I will enjoy this board so much because someone UNDERSTANDS!! Thank you all.
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    just the opposite here....I was DX with FM about 11yrs ago.Now I'm being tested for lupus also.I have the high/poss. ANA. Alot of my pain is exactly where you feel it!!!and you hit the nail on the head when you said it hurts to even turn over in bed!!I think I moan in my sleep from pain!!lol but really....just to roll over in bed is hellish!!feels like I'm at least a 90 year old....and I'm 40. My hips hurt,my neck and shoulders and upper back,and around my shoulder blades.I even get numb areas....like my hips from sleeping on my side,or my knee caps when my legs are bent,my arms if I sleep with them above my head.etc. When I get up first thing in the morning my joints ache and my legs are weak and wobbly.....till I thaw out or get moving~ Your not alone and I feel your pain. Mine has progressed over the yrs and I'm hoping not to get any worse because this is bad enough!! Nice to meet you:)