Wonder if its really Fibro!!

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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago, but I have also had MRI,s and xrays and was diagnosed with Herniated disk with sciatic involvement in my lower back. Lately, I have had tremendous pain in both legs and my upper back and wonder if its related to any of this. I have a sharp pain just below my shoulder blades that the doctor said was a pinched nerve. That was 2 weeks ago and its no better even with the meds he prescribed for me. As of 4 days ago, I have had severe pain in my legs in the back of both thighs and calves. Not even Lortab seems to get rid of it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be? This pain is like the worst leg ache you ever had in your life!
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    I have a cousin that had that leg pain you described. She had three disks that had to be 'fused', the operation was not so bad, but the recovery took two months. She still has to be very careful what she does not to again have that pain!

    I have Fibro, as for the pain in the back, just what you describled, I have had that very bad, and it was the Fibro.

    You could have both, the disk problems and the Fibro. What a lot of pain for you.

    Hope they get is all sorted out for you soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    1) Potassium, calcium or magnesium deficency can cause terrible muscle spasms more noticable in the lower extrems.

    2) OR...do you have circulation problems? If your circulation is impeded to your legs for any reason, pinched nerves, disc or peripheral vascular disease, this can cause severe bilateral pain (pain both legs) Didn't your Doctor mention Sciatica? This nerve inpingment can be VERY painful.

    3) By the way, if you are having upper back pain...it can be what's called "referred Pain" from your legs.

    4) Blood clots usually present with pain in the back of the calf...if when you are laying flat with legs out stretched pull your toes toward your head, if the pain becomes excruciating...a blood clot could be a possibility (called a positive Holman's sign)
    However, It's highly unlikely to get blood clots in both legs at the same time.

    5) Your Doc should check your pulses in both feet/ ankles ect to ensure your getting good circulation

    6) Maybe your Doc ought to order a pannel of blood work to check you electrolytes (potassium, calcium/ mag )levels...couldn't hurt (no pun intended!!LOL)

    7) More than likely, the pain is coming from the herniated disc as your Doc said. I wouldn't just put up with it though...he needs to know the problem is worsening. You can end up with peripheral (lower leg/foot) nerve damage and circulation problems if that disc is truly pinching the nerve.

    Just a few thoughts. Hope it gets better soon!

    Susan B.
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    Hi, I have both, the disk problems and FMS. The pain you are feeling in the back of your thighs and calves could very well be from a herniated or ruptured disk putting pressure on the nerve. I've had 2 ruptured disks with free floating pieces, surgery for both, and it was definitely the worst pain I ever felt in my life; as bad as I hurt sometimes now, and as much pain as other things such as childbirth or migraines have ever caused me, they were nowhere near the pain of the compression on the nerve. How recently was your last MRI? If I were you, I would call the Dr. back first thing Monday and ask for another MRI. {{{{{hugs}}}}

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    Karen, I had an MRI about 2 weeks ago, but because of the holidays, I haven,t been able to get back in to see the Doc.I,ve had the blood work done and they have checked my pedal pulses for circulation and tell me there doesn,t seem to be a problem there.This pain in my thighs and calves just started. I have had leg and back pain for over 12 years, but this pain is different.I injured my back in a bad fall in 1991 and haven,t been the same since. Oh yes, the doctor did tell me I had sciatica from the herniated disk.I have tried everything short of surgery, but I guess its going to come to that and I dread it. I have a fear of being worse off after the surgery.