Wonderful article on pain management in Prevention

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by oregoncoyote, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. oregoncoyote

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    To all who are trying to cope with their pain or getting grief from someone about taking any kind of pain medication including narcotics---PLEASE PLEASE read the article in the Feb.03 issue of Prevention Magazine. It is the advice I have gotten from my pain management specialist for three years and I am really doing well. The message in this article should be the regiment that every doctor follows to treat anyone with chronic pain. There is no reason to suffer any more than necessary if you are seeing the RIGHT doctor. Here's to more good days than bad. oregoncoyote
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    Can I find this article at Prevention on-line, or do you know? I'm tired of always being in constant pain and sure could use some good advice!
  3. oregoncoyote

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    I just checked the www.prevention.com website and the article is there. Click on the "HEALTH" tab and then the article that is titled "You can stop the pain". Be sure to read all of the sideline articles as well. As the article says, I was brought up to think that you just had to tough it out and that a certain amount of pain was part of life, but my pain specialist taught me otherwise and this article says the same. Please find a doctor and/or a pain specialist who agrees. There is no reason to be in pain as there are soooo many things out there to help you. Good luck and I wish you only pain free days in the future.