Wonderful BBC radio programme on fatigue - listen again online

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KelB, Oct 12, 2005.

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    I've just heard a very sensible half hour programme in the BBC Radio 4 medical series "Case Notes", dedicated to unexplained fatigue. It includes information on Celiac Disease and a ten minute section on CFS/ME.

    The expert interviewed was a neurologist (hooray!), Professor Leslie Findlay. He was completely dismissive of Graded Exercise Therapy, which he said was about fitness training and not recovery from a fatigue condition. He was slightly warmer about CBT, saying that it can help some people, but only if delivered by a therapist specialising in CFS/ME (as I've found personally).

    The neurologist said that the best approach was to treat individual symptoms, which could improve people's overall quality of life. However, there was no "proven" (his inverted commas, not mine) treatment for the underlying CFS/ME.

    Another doctor commented that she was saddened that CFS/ME should be seen as stigmatised as a psychological disorder. She pointed out that if people with Parkinsons or a stroke are depressed by their conditions, then the depression will be treated on that basis. She suggested that depression in people with CFS/ME should be viewed in the same light (by both doctor and patient) and that the depression that can accompany a chronic illness, should not be seen as a diagnosis that is dismissive of the underlying of the CFS/ME.

    You can listen to the programme online at the BBC web site. You don't need to download it, so you will be able to access it even if you don't have broadband (like me). Go to this web page:


    Click on "Listen to the Latest Programme", about half way down the screen on the left. It should be available to listen to until Tue 18th. You will also shortly find a written transcript at the same web page, under "Previous Programmes" listed to the right of the page.

    The BBC is really getting its act together for us. Fantastic!
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    I caught the 'Doctors' programme in the afternoon, a few days after you posted on it. It was handled really well, I felt quite tearful seeing the girl being treated with sensitivity.

    I'm going to tune into this programme and hope I get it.

    Nope, got the site but couldnt get the programme, it wouldnt open, I'm not very computer literate, I'll get my son to help.


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    Hi Kelb,

    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to the website now and see if the printed version is available yet. Planning to print it out for my files.

    I'm giving this a BUMP so others have a chance to read it.

    Thanks again,

  5. KelB

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    Bumping again so that more UK folks can see it during the day.

    Glad people have found it helpful.

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