Wonderful Dr. in So. Cal--saved my life

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    Dr. Paul Toffel, board certified ENT, sub-specialty in EBV. Glendale, CA. 818-790-3172

    I came to him for sinus headaches. He later questioned me on my complaints of fatigue, and mental fog. He told me he suspected I had EBV/Fm. This was news to me, but it made sense. I had mono in college 20 years ago and have never been healthy since. He did extensive blood tests. The levels of various titers were proof I had EBV.

    He gives me 2 mg. shots every 3 weeks of GAMMASTAN immune-globulin. It is like getting a healthy person's immune system put in you. It's safe and carefully screened and FDA approved.

    Can't stress it enough how much this helped me.

    God Bless You Dr. Toffel!