Wonderful Dr. in So. Cal--saved my life

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    Dr. Paul Toffel, board certified ENT, sub-specialty in EBV. Glendale, CA. 818-790-3172

    I came to him for sinus headaches. He later questioned me on my complaints of fatigue, and mental fog. He told me he suspected I had EBV/Fm. This was news to me, but it made sense. I had mono in college 20 years ago and have never been healthy since. He did extensive blood tests. The levels of various titers were proof I had EBV.

    He gives me 2 mg. shots every 3 weeks of GAMMASTAN immune-globulin. It is like getting a healthy person's immune system put in you. It's safe and carefully screened and FDA approved.

    Can't stress it enough how much this helped me.

    God Bless You Dr. Toffel!
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    and hope the shots are OK to continue with etc....I don't know them.

    MOST people are walking around with EBV and when I started on this path Olive Leaf Extract 100mg daily years ago and I still take it daily, 500mg usually now....got the EBV numbers way down....I don't even bother get them tested now.

    So if you change paths, OLE did it for me...

    Grape Seed Extract also for the immune system and energy and much more...I've been taking this antioxidant/antiviral/antifungal 17 yrs.....this supp has made me allergy/sinus FREE....after a lifetime prior to 1995 of allergies and sinus issues..... jam
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