"Wonderful Presence"

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    "Wonderful Presence"

    The light that shines upon the wall
    Is a glorious crimson red.
    I feel the Spirit of my God,
    As I sit here on my bed.

    The candle burns so dim at night.
    But the light, it seems so bright.
    I have everything to be thankful for,
    As I praise You through the night.

    Oh, Lord, I praise Your mercy
    And Your love for me You shared.
    For what was I then facing,
    You're the only one who cared.

    You could have just forgotten me
    And let me run astray.
    But, You led me to Your altar
    And You saved my life that day.

    You fill my heart with others,
    All their hurting and their pain.
    I watch Your wondrous working,
    When they come to know Your name.

    Blessed be Your presence.
    I cling to it all night.
    For as long as You love us, Lord,
    Everything will be all right.

    I thank You, dear Lord Jesus,
    For all the things that You do.
    But most of all I thank You, Lord,
    For the gift You gave us was You.

    Thank You, Lord!

    © by Rev. Gary Hall