Wonderful results on Buhner

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by eleanorc, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. eleanorc

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have to tell you, I'm still doing great on the Buhner Protocol.
    I'm working my way down from full dose. Doing 3 tablets 3 times aday.
  2. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    I am trying to start - one by one. Are you only taking the core supplements? Are you also on antibiotics?

  3. jess

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    HI Eleanorc, this is good news. I am really glad you are doing so well. Could you tell me how long you have been on the protocol? Did you start slow or all at once and what type of herx did you have if any?
    I have started this protocol one month ago. I began with cats claw and only with 1/4 of a drop. I was extremely sensitive at one drop so reduced it. I am now up to one drop with very mild herx. I am going to add the Jap knotweed/Resveratrol next.
    My big concern is having to be on prilosec. I have Barrets and can't have any acid coming up. Also have slow gastric emptying. I e-mailed S. Buhner and he replied the next day. I was so impressed. He said I would be o.k with the cats claw even with the prilosec. I would love to know how you used the protocol. Thanks, Jess
  4. munch1958

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    I've been on the Buhner herbs for one year in addition to Abx. They caused me to herx so they do something. I highly recommend the book "Healing Lyme" for scientific info.
  5. wld285

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    Hi everyone,Just curious if everyone takes the drops rather than capsules. Is it better to take the drops when available in one of the suplements?

    Getting ready soon to re-order and would like to know.

  6. eleanorc

    eleanorc New Member

    I started the core protocol early Nov.07. At that time I was on 30 days of Zithro.
    I started with Andrographis,400mg tabs 1-3xs a day. I later learn that was not the best to start with because if you are going to have problems it would be with Andro-. I did tolerate it however and after 4 days I went to Resveratrol tabs 1-3xs., Smilax in powder form and finally the Cats Claw. I gave each herb 3-4 days before I started the next one.
    In 6 weeks I was up to max. dose. Once there it tool me 3 weeks to feel better (80%).
    I did not stay with the Smilax because I didn't needed it since I was not having herxs at that point,
    I stayed on the max for about 6 weeks and I am now working my way down.
    I may be going too fast at working down because I do feel a little worse but not much.
    Also I am taking 2,000 mgs of C along with other vits.
    Another thing I have done was 11 times on a vibe machine.
    If you want to know what that is go to www.vibemachine.com
    I'm not sure how that has helped with the lyme but I do know that after 6 mins with that machine I feel like I meditated for over an hour.
    I hope this has helped.

  7. eleanorc

    eleanorc New Member

    I take the three herbs in tablet form.