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    Hi All,

    This board always has LOTS of questions about meds and their doseages. After reading many of them, I see that there is a sort of pattern to it all. These same people asking questions OFTEN (tho nothing is always!) describe feeling much worse than I do in their day-to-day.

    Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was 100% disabled by this rude disorder. Over the years I've experimented with just about every 'cure' imaginable, both alternative and medical. My own, personal, regimen has allowed me to BEGIN being a productive person, again. And, oh yes, I STILL have PLENTY of nasty days where I am COMPLETELY sidelined, and can take (almost) forever to feel better again.

    The point of this post is the pattern I mentioned above. One thing I see CONSISTENTLY here with people using meds, and still claiming no relief, is that the doses they take, compared to my own, are incredibly LOW. So, I'm wondering if some of those folks might not do better with higher doses, instead of switching to new meds? I don't like to specifically state I'm using one med or another, kinda personal to me. But, for all of you trying meds, and finding no relief, I'm suggesting that you REALLY talk to your doc's, and perhaps try higher doseages BEFORE traumatizing yourselves with a complete change.

    Anyhoo, just some thoughts bouncing around the cavern that once housed my brain! ;P

    Good health to ALL!
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