Wondering if fibro could be a lack of Vitiman D

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I talked to my oldest daughter today she said that she was having fibro like pain and was tested and found to be vit.D deficent and is taking 50,000 units of Vit D a day because she has so little.
    All the years of wearing sun screen have stopped us from getting the Vit.D we need to surivie. A lack of Vit D can cause joint pain, muscle aches, fatique, depression, body aches, very simalar to fibro.

    She asked me if I have had my vit D levels checked and I said NO. Didn't know that I needed to get it checked out.
    I don't get out side much as the sun beating down on me makes me break out in hives and I itch badly. It is too hot and since skin cancer runs in my family thru my Mom's side and I have a basal cell cancer removed on the side of my nose a month ago I am not going to go sit in the sun to get my body to make Vit D.

    I watched a show last night about Vit D, the doctor said that there are about 80 % of the population of the US that are lacking Vit D and all suffer from pains simalar to fibro.

    My daughter is taking her vit D and is feeling some better and really wants me to get checked out to see if my "fibro" Pain is a defienciity{SP} in Vit D or really fibro.
    I have tested postive to all 18 tender points three times now and each time it is more pain full. But i do wonder if some of my pain is due to the lack of Vitiamn D. It would be nice to be able to take a pill and feel better. But I don't know what doctor to go to to find out.

    THis conversation made me wonder about my pains Fibro? Vitiman D ? Who knows? Have you ever heard about this ?
    Just wondering
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I was tested and had extremely low Vit D levels. I was put on prescription to raise my levels...which it did.

    I did not notice any change in my pain levels whatsoever from the Vit D increase.

    Vit D is important for our bodies and we should be tested to make sure we have the right levels. If you are low then you should raise your levels.

    However I don't think it has anything to do with fibro pain...

    You may feel better when raising your levels because vit D is something our bodies need.

    Fibro is not a vit d deficiency.
  3. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I know jam loves this topic...I do too...

    My doctors that I have had for the past 15 years would never test me for it, always gave me some cock&bull about how it just didn't pertain to me...

    Well, as you may have read, I have all new docs and brought one of them some posts from here and wouldn't ya know he ordered it...I aksed for the 'good' test, D 25 hydroxy and he complied as well as checking off some others too...D125, A & K...

    With my conditions (Crohn's,colitis, rectal bleeding, liver and pancreas issues along with fibro, cfs and osteo) I have always known the strong connection with D...

    I also shared in my lengthy posts about how my Dad suffered with sever RA and was pumped full of drugs but his prescription Vitamin D was the only thing that ever helped him...It was one of the last things he told me before he passed..."take high doses of vitamin D and stop all dairy and beef"...Father knows best! He's gone 10 years and I just began this 'diet' after getting some tests done.

    I am anxious over my D levels, should get them back early this week, should be interesting...

    I also, live in Maine where I feel like crap come October, all the way to April...It is not SAD (seasonal affective disorder) It's lack of sunshine... :)

    I have to look into this more due to a fat malabsorption issue, cause D is a fat soluble vitamin...So much to do to get to the light at the end of this tunnel...

    Thanks for sharing this, it makes others minds open up to the possibilities as to the real 'cause' of such illnesses.

  4. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i know there has been studies at the mayo clinic and it does help some people with fibro my dr just put me on 50000 ui ill be starting them soon
  5. littletoot53

    littletoot53 New Member

    Wow! I take 10,000 units of Vit D a day..for a total of 70,000 units a week.

    Everyone seems to be taking so much more..or am I reading this wrong? lol

    Gentle Hugs,
  6. LaurieB

    LaurieB New Member

    I've tested low in Vitamin D a couple of times in the past year and have twice for 6 weeks taken a prescription supplement to bring it up to the normal range.

    It hasn't made any difference to my pain at all. I was hoping it was the deficiency -- but unfortunately, they do not appear to be related.
  7. Banka8

    Banka8 New Member

    If you think that your fibro is caused by a vitamin d deficiency then the only accurate way to test this theory to the best of your ability is to stop taking any and all other supplements and just take vitamin d. Now I didn't say stop taking necessary prescription medications like thyroid or insulin or high blood pressure meds.

    Give vitamin d a reasonable amount of time to work it's magic.

    When people report success with vitamin d supplementation it's always things like "I feel a little bit better" or I think I have more energy" but then they reel off a bunch of other supplements they are on. So how would you know if it was vitamin d that was helping?

    In my opinion taking vitamin d is not going to do a darn thing except make the vitamin d sellers more money and you just a little bit poorer.

    Botton line is that the people that are taking lots of vitamin d are not cured. Why take other supplements if vitamin d is the cause of fibro and cancer and CFS and goodness knows what other diseases the vitamin d mongers are saying?

    To do an accurate study on the benefits and hazards of vitamin d would take years and a huge anount of money and people participation. You would have to follow people from birth to death and know exactly what they were eating and how much sun they were getting everyday. Studies that use anntedotal answers to questions about vitamin d consumption and exposure to sun are flawed and can be made to draw any conculsion that is wanted.

    I just want to say that as a child I had a terrible diet and I didn't take vitamins. I was very healthy and had lots of energy. I didn't start to have symptoms of my CFS until a Rhogam injection at the age of 23. That's when my lymph nodes swelled up. It was a slow health decline until the final 1986 flu that just put me over the top.

    The people that are taking loads of vitamin d should be in tip top form but obviously that is not the case. So just how much of this miracle vitamin do you have to take to get it to work? When is the big turn around going to happen?

    If taking extra vitamin d would get rid of this horrible plague then it would be wonderful, but I see those same people on this website (God bless them) hanging around looking for something else to try for their illness.

    I'd love it if vitamin d worked but it's just not what is at the botton of our illness.

    Take care all.


  8. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I tested low for vit D as well. I have been taking them for 4 days. I have a gel capsule prep.

    MD thinks that I wouldn't benefit as much from a tablet form.

    Well, the pain levels are lower. Not gone but measurably better. But the biggest change I have seen is that I am less fatigued.

    I was able to take my DD and her friend swimming twice over the weekend.

    I was tired but not down.

    It has really provided me with improved pain and fatigue levels.

  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    That was one of the first things my rheumatologist checked for with me - my Vit. D levels. Mine, however were normal.
  10. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    But it's not what made me feel entirely better. All of my symptoms did not disapper, but you will feel better.
  11. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    This DD is FAR to complicated to be solved by Vit D, but it's definitely part of the equation to get our health back.

  12. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I don't think it is the cause, but it can certainly make it worse.

    B12 deficiency also closely mimics the symptoms of fibro.

    sue in Ontario
  13. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Thanks for answering my post about Vit D. It was my daughter that said she thought my fibro was really a lack of vit d and that she was feeling like I do. She has her vitiamn D levels checked and she was low so she is now on 50,000 units daily.

    I just started taking calcium/mag/zinc & Vit D ,I asked the pharmacist about the brand I was looking at, it is s generic one but has 1,000 mg's calicum,600 ut Vit D, 400mg mag, and 20 of zinc.
    I am going to see my doctor in a few weeks and I will ask him about getting tested for a vitiaman d defiecnity{SP} and I want find out if I have inflamation in my blood. There is a test for it but due to a fibro moment I can't remmeber what it is called.

    thanks for all the responces to my post. You all amaze me with your concern for everyone here. I really enjoy this site and this forum. You all are so sweet and kind to all.
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  14. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member

    With the extra vit d and loosing the gluten foods, I'm feeling better. Not perfect but much better.

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