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    More Biomedical Research Needed

    ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a physical
    disease. It is not a product of the patients’ imagination and is not a
    psychological problem. Funds have been used for research into the
    hypothetical psychiatric nature of the disease at the expense of biomedical
    research. Future research needs to be interdisciplinary and focused on the
    causes, early diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS.

    The British National Health Service has published NICE guidelines for this
    disorder which, according to ESME, are not helpful and might even induce
    relapse in some cases.

    ESME will encourage research leading to the accumulation of new knowledge
    and to a better understanding of the disease, and will endeavour to raise
    funding for biomedical research in, and education about, ME/CFS.

    Stavanger, Norway, June 13, 2009

    Launch Meeting ESME

    PD Dr. Liv Bode

    Prof. Dr. Med. Kenny De Meirleir

    Dr. Med. Derek Enlander

    Dr. Med. Ana Garcia Quintana

    Prof. Dr. Hanns Ludwig

    Prof. Dr. Med. Mária J. Molnár

    Prof. Dr. Bodil Norrild

    Prof. Dr. Med. Ola Didrik Saugstad

    Prof. Dr. Med. Babill Stray-Pedersen

    Prof. Dr. Med. Umberto Tirelli

    (woo hoo, good for them)
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    wow thats great and they have a nobel peace prize winner on their team

    the test keny d m has announced has started a snowball effect combined with the scientists speaking out like never before at the cfsac meeting and us the patients adding pressure with our campaign s. The research from whittlemore peterson finding a novel virus involvement may be released soon so wow this snowball is rolling.

    can.t wati to see what happens next this has never been so positive for us patients in our history.

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    There seems to be more positive things happening in regard to ME/CFS. This is exciting for all of us!!! Thanks for sharing this info with us. I do love hearing about the positive movement!!!
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    The grp is obviously a wonderful thing, but this statement alone could have a lot of impact.....I wonder if there is a way to get it published all over the place - like in popular newspapers and magazines, etc
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    Thanks for posting! It looks like ESME is a brand new group (launch meeting), which is sorely needed.

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    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".
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    great quote fricky, yes lets Dare to Dream

    Here is the link to the post which gives all the details including the nobel peace prize winner which gives all the exciting details including links to the you tube sky news coverage resulting from the coverage of this meeting with johnathon kerr and charles shepherd of the uk me association giving a for once good interview!

    i.ll bump the thread as well its very interesting reading. happy days for ME

    European think tank formed
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    So there is hope for us yet!

    Question is when will they get on with it and stop to-ing and fro-ing with all this??

    Love Bunchy x
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    bless you bunchy they have only just formed the european think tank on the 13th of this month they just had their first meeting

    this is a first for ME a group with just scientists not like all the rest who are mainly patient focussed.

    peace love and goodwill to you bunchy
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    Thanks for posting this bluebottle.

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