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  1. Babs41

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    How are you doing? I have not been here for awhile. My family and I moved across country and now living in Arizona. The drive took us three days from Pennsylvania. Still unpacking and just got my computer up and running.

    You were in the hospital for three weeks? What happened. Sincerely hope you are coming along. HOpe to hear from you.

  2. woofmom

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    Thanks for asking about me. I'm doing better, but still not "good". On the morning of June 7 I took a shower and then laid down for a nap. When I woke up I couldn't lift my head. I knew I was in bad shape and that something was terribly wrong. I worked my way off my bed and used a pillow to catch my head. Then I worked my way across the floor and knocked the phone on the floor. I dialed 911 but I couldn't talk. I remember 3 deputies being there and asking me questions that I was incapable of answering. Then the ambulance took me to Beaufort Memorial Hospital. From there I was put on a helicopter and taken to the Medical University of SC. I remember them telling me that they'd have to drill 3 holes in the front right side of my head to relieve pressure. I also remember telling my son to sign whatever papers so they could do necessary surgery. I sort of came in for a landing 3 days later. Seems I had an aneurysm that was bleeding and they had to do emergency surgery to save me. I go back to the neurosurgeon this coming Monday to find out how I'm doing. Hopefully this will help me get SSDI and Medicare. I can't work, go anywhere by myself and now I definitely can't think clearly. But the good news is I don't think I'll need Depends and I no longer spin out of control when I walk in my yard.
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    what an awful experience you went through. I will keep you in my prayers and keep us updated on what the surgeon tells you.

  4. PVLady

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    I am so sorry to hear you what you went through but thank goodness you were saved. If you had not had the fortitude to get that phone I hate to think.

    I will pray for your fast and complete recovery.
  5. jmq

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    if I remember correctly...you were starting to do so much better with the supplements and you gave me so many good pointers. I am so upset you had this happen to you. Was there any signs to warn you? How frightening it must all be.

    Just take care of yourself and take one day at a time. We love ya and will be praying for your quick recovery.

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    Oh my Goodness - I'm so sorry to hear about your frightening experience! I will pray for you and send positive thoughts and energy your way.
    I hope you'll give us updates when you can.
    I'm so glad that you were able to get to the phone when you did! You must've been scared to death. Please take care of yourself.

    Hugs -
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    Glad u are ok I was worried after your last message and then we have still not seen u on the boards.

    you were saying in the other post you left that one of the docs thinks a slow bleed into your brain may have been causing your symptoms

    am I remembering this correctly that worries me I know they can run in familys my aunt on my fathers side had five she still has one they could only operate on 4 of them one of them was somewhere they could not get to

    I think this will help u get social security my aunt got hers after her surgery A big part of it had to do with brain surgery causing cognative problems.

    I will see if I can find out more info on how she got it mabe that will help you.

    Thank godness u got to the phone I would have been heartbroken....your one of my fave people here

    hope you are doing ok and we will be hearing from u more again soon- your friend Kim

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    I hate you have had to go through such a horrible expierence! So glad you survived! So many people do die from that. God has still has special things for you to do.
    I am glad you dont have to use depends either!