Word in a Word Game Vol. 2

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    Okee Dokee. We can try something gnu. Somebody said the gnu looks like
    it was assembled by a committee. The poor things look so miserable. And
    in wildlife documentaries something is always eating them. Of course the
    scientists tell us that carnivores are necessary. Otherwise the
    prey animals become too numerous, destroy their habitat, and develop

    Here's an animal question for you. What bird was also a WWII British
    fighter plane? It's not a word within a word. It's just something
    that popped into my head.

    1 Mom
    2 Halloween game involving H2O

    3 Ruler
    4 A boundary between yards

    5 Played by a Marx Brother
    6 A legal wrongful act; but not a crime or breach of contract.

    Happy Hunting
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    Barry, If you scroll down on the thread "Common Thread A Word Game' you'll find the beginning of the Bird Game. It explains how it's played. GB
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    Rock, The WW2 British plane is a Gosling.
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    Rock, Are your new questions related to birds or another category? What are we looking for. :) If it's still Birds, here are my guesses.

    2. Bobbing for apples/Bobolink.

    3. Ruler/Kingfisher

    6. A legal wrongful act - Malfeasance/Mallard
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    Hi Barry, Join the party. I know you'll be good at this game. The
    category is animals (I apparently didn't mention that before). The
    game works like this.

    The first question was Mom. A synonym is Ma. What animal name
    contains "ma"? Probably several, but the one I had in mind was puma.
    So the answer is "puma" or any other animal with an "ma" such as
    martin. Seesto? Of course you do.

    GB, Bobolink is good. Or bobcat.
    And kingfisher or kingsnake is correct.
    And mallard is good too.
    The term I was thinking of was "tort".
    Probably the most common example of a tort is when somebody
    runs into your car. Ergo, tortoise.

    A few more:

    7 Schoolboy (especially in England).

    8 An astrology sign.

    9 A scam.

    I'll be back to post some more later. Today was chiropractor day, but
    I wasn't up to going. Gotta lie down some more. Could thing I can
    read in bed.

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    7. Tadpole/Tad

    8. Scorpio/Scorpion ?

    9. Falcon/Con
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    10. Some people have a pierced one.

    11. An atom with a net electrical charge.

    12. Better than Oleo.

    13. A type of flute.
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    Hi Kiddo, Your answers to 7-9 are all fine. Though not the ones I
    had in mine. Ha Ha. I was thinking of:
    7 lad-lady bug
    8 leo-leopard
    9 anaconda-con

    So you get an A. Ok, moving on.
    10 pierced ear (I used to have one. Got it pierced at the Rose Bowl.)
    So could be an earwig on the small end or a bear on the other end.
    11 ion as in Lion. You know the old joke?

    Two atoms are walking down the street.
    Says one atom to the other, "Hey! I think I lost an electron!"
    The other says, "Are you sure??"
    "Yes, I'm positive!"

    12 butter-butterfly
    13 Pan flute. Panda. I used to play the transverse flute i.e. the kind of flute you see
    in the band. I stood out. I was the worse player in the band. (I was, however,
    able to keep in step while marching.)

    Will post some more soon as they are thunk up.


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    Rock, all of yours are correct. You get an A-plus. There seem to be multiple answers to a lot of these, but that's ok, the challenge is in the searching! :)

    About the 'Ion' joke: The other says "are you sure?" "Yes, I'm positive ( or maybe he was L' ion') ? GB
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    More Animals:

    14. Nasty rodent.

    15. May be as 'high as an elephant's eye'.

    16. Hard skeleton left behind by marine polyps.

    17. He ........ a good race.

    18. Four is the ........ of 2 plus 2.
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    Hey, GB. A beautiful sunny day here in CA. We had fierce winds last night.
    Well, 16 mph. Enough to blow some of Gordon's orchids over. Made lots of
    noise. Sounded like someone was breaking into the back porch. One
    of the windows has become loose during the last 87 years. Instead of
    Wind in the Willows we had wind in the window.

    OK, moving on.
    14 sounds like a rat-rattlesnake.
    15 is from Oklahoma and Oscar Hammerstein. Corn-cornsnake.
    Bought one for my son once. They are beautiful with their
    shades of orange.

    16 is a reef. Reminds me of that old movie Reefer Madness.
    17 Ran. Could be an orangutan or piranha.
    18 Could be sum-Sumatran rhinoceros. That's the small one,
    you know. They only get up to about a ton.

    Will put up some for you soon as I can.


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    14. and 15. are correct.

    16. It's Coral Reef/Coral Snake.

    17. Both are good answers. I had Tarantula/Ran in mind.

    18. Good answer. I had Opossum/Sum in mind.
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    19. A popular type of dancer in the 1960's. (Not disco)

    20. It may live in a farm.

    21. Short name for a type of rapid transit (Maybe in Chicago).

    22. Another name for a hobo.
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    Hi GB
    I got to wondering if there were any animals that started with four.
    Found this pic on Wikipedia. I suspect the "eyes" on the rear are just
    spots that may confuse a predator.

    We have possums here in LA. They used to come by our old place
    to eat cat kibble. The feral cats, skunks and raccoons also dropped
    by. They would all come right up to the door except for the possums.
    They would wait till I shut the door and then come to feed. Had one
    in the backyard once with 6 babies clinging to her back. They are
    omnivores just like people, bears, raccoons, etc. Gave her a carrot
    and a slice of bread and some kibble.

    Here are some questions for you.

    23 Played the secretary in Auntie Mame about the time we were
    graduating from High School.
    24 Motto of realtors. Get a _____ while you're young.

    25 It wasn't an authentic antique 'cause it was too _____.
    26 Lucy mimed this to Ethel to show what Ricky was buying her.

    27 What the sailor says when the Captain gives an order.
    28 The color of the bonnet with the blue ribbon on it.


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    Any guesses on 19-22?
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    Oh, yeah. Forgot all about those. Just got outta the tub. Forgot to
    shampoo my hair. Forgetting now takes up more time than this, that
    and the other thing.

    19 Go-go dancer; gopher, goat, gorilla.
    20 Farm; ant, antelope, giant panda.
    21 Rapid transit; the El (short for elevated); elephant.
    22 Hobo; homeless person; homing pigeon.

    I think it's time to retire with my courtroom thriller, and
    find out who is the real killer.

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    I say 22 is hobo=bum=bumblebee. But what do I know?

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    Smiling, Barry ---

    You may be right, you may be wrong!! I CANNOT GET THE HANG OF THIS GAME, no matter how many times I try!!! LOL

    I do enjoy reading the posts and replies though. :)

    Diane :eek: