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    I just want to make a suggestion for anyone who is having trouble concentrating enough to read Scripture. This past Christmas, a friend gave me a CD that I absolutely love. It's part of a series of CDS called Word of God Speak. It is Scripture set to music. The lyrics aren't simply based on Scripture, but are verses from the Bible set to music. Each CD has a theme. The one I got for Christ is titled Illuminate. I bought another yesterday titled "Shelter" and I saw another one titled "Hope" There are going to be future CDS coming out as well. These CDS have helped me so much and they encourage me. Reading Scripture is best, but I think this is the next best thing. I just wanted to share this with all of you.

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    Where would you get something like that? I am from Canada and that is really hard to come by. Usually we can only get it through somebody's ministry. Any Cannucks with any ideas?
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    The Bible Experience set of 19 CD's for Christmas. It is the entire new testament. It is like a play, but w/out the visual part of it. It has Denzel Washington, and a ton of other's. Each CD is about 68 minutes long.

    I put it on when I am crafting and just love it. You can buy it online or a book store like B & N, Borders etc.

    I will have to look into the God Speak ones. Thanks!

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    You can get them at your local Christian bookstore or else I just did a quick search and they have them on Amazon.com too. I saw all three of them there.

    Hope this helps.