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    I found a great website called "words can heal". I am posting a few of their sayings. Sometimes I feel so bad physically I am very bad tempered. On top of that I grew up in a household with alot of arguing. After reading this, it reminds me to act nicer (if possible).

    Harsh words from a stranger can really hurt.
    They give us the feeling that the whole world is against us.
    How beautiful it is to spread joy instead of pain
    by simply biting your tongue and maybe even
    saying something nice.

    We never know all the
    circumstances of other
    people’s lives. If we
    paused to consider how
    much pain others might
    be in, we would never
    speak meanly to anyone.

    If you say as many
    kind words as you
    can in the course
    of a day, you will
    nurture everyone
    around you and be
    much loved.

    Our self-esteem often
    waxes and wanes with
    the circumstances.
    Understanding this,
    we should never insult
    others, and we must
    always pay careful
    attention to the timing
    of constructive criticism.

    So much anguish is caused because we
    simply do not think about another person s feelings
    before we speak. Often, in an effort to help someone,
    we say things that are very cruel. Unasked for
    advice is better left unsaid

    There is no deeper wound than humiliation.
    The momentary glory we may feel in humiliating
    someone is short-lived compared to the
    damage we cause.

    People who feel free to be bad tempered around their
    families are doing nothing more than indulging in wanton
    cruelty. They pay the price in terms of lack of closeness and
    trust in their relationships.

    If you come from a long
    line of people who spoke
    callously to one another,
    resolve to be the one to
    break the pattern. You
    will not only have a
    better life, but your
    legacy will last forever.

    Television humor teaches
    us that it’s fine to ridicule
    people and that feelings
    don’t matter. Maybe it’s
    time to choose a different

    Words have the power to take a life.
    If you think of your mouth as a deadly weapon,
    you will be far more careful in times of anger
    and frustration. You can never fully know the
    quiet pain of the listener or what the consequences
    of your words might be.


    1. Making fun of someone causes anguish and
    painful memories.

    2. If you find yourself about to say something
    cruel, remember that the words you say in a
    fit of anger will last a lifetime.

    3. Harsh words from a stranger can really hurt.

    4. So much anguish is caused because we simply
    do not think about another person’s feelings
    before we speak.

    5. There is no deeper wound than humiliation.

    6. Cruelty from the people closest to us stings
    the most.

    7. Words have the power to take a life. If you
    think of your mouth as a deadly weapon, you
    will be far more careful.


    It takes your enemy and
    your friend, working
    together, to hurt you to
    the heart; the one to
    slander you and the
    other to get the news to
    – Mark Twain

    We all have an urge to gossip, particularly when
    it feels like the information we are conveying
    can help someone. However, there is
    usually another side to every story.

    We all want others to give us the benefit of the doubt,
    but we often find it difficult to do so for them.

    Even a harmless piece of information
    about somebody else, one that seems as if it cannot
    possibly cause any damage, can. There is plenty to
    talk about without having to resort to talking about
    other people, for good or for ill.

    Our words, like feathers, get scattered everywhere.
    The next time you are tempted to pass gossip along,
    remember that once your words are spoken, they
    can never be taken back.

    Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to.
    – Author Unknown

    Why People Gossip
    • to raise their stature
    • to show intellectual prowess
    • to bond with others
    • to get validation
    • to show off their wit at another’s expense
    • to cover for their lack of conversational skills
    • to mitigate jealousy
    • to vent anger
    • to get revenge
    • to impress others that they are in the loop

    People are often the cruelest when they are right.
    It is very tempting to clobber someone when we
    know they are wrong. But when we make a mistake,
    we certainly wish others would be
    more forgiving.

    If a friend asks, “Did you hear what so-and-so said
    about you?” gather your strength and say, “No,
    but maybe you better not tell me. It’ll only make
    me mad.” This will not only give you a better life,
    but your friend will learn that this kind of negative
    conversation is not acceptable to you.

    1. We all have the urge to gossip, but there is usually
    another side to every story.
    2. Our words, like feathers, get scattered everywhere.
    3. Even a harmless piece of information can damage
    4. Our urge to bond is strong, but let the bond be real.
    Don’t let your mouth sabotage your happiness.
    5. Even if the gossip victim is not within earshot,
    pretend he or she is.
    6. Feeling justified in speaking badly of others doesn’t
    make it right.
    7. People are often the cruelest when they are right.

    The secret to
    knowing whether
    an incident that
    happened to you
    should be retold or
    not is to ask yourself
    honestly: Am I saying
    this to hurt someone,
    or to get sympathy
    or advice?

    If you gossip about others,
    how do you repair the
    damage? By asking their
    forgiveness, which is not
    very easy to do. Hopefully,
    if you always remember
    that you have to ask
    forgiveness, it will help
    you to stop gossiping
    before you start!

    Many people spend their lives ruining office morale
    just for the fun of it. Stay as far away from these
    negative people as you can.

    Every ounce of energy
    that you spend being kind
    to your loved ones is an
    investment in your own

    If you and your
    friends give the
    cold shoulder to
    someone, it seems
    to create a bond.
    But what it really
    creates is mistrust
    and fear.

    After a dinner party with friends, many people
    have a good laugh at everyone’s expense. Then
    they wonder why they feel so lonely.

    Why is it that we have the harshest words for those
    we love the most? If we take the time to think before
    we speak, we would have a lot less to regret.

    Maybe if people wore signs
    saying,“Fragile, handle with
    care,” we would all treat
    each other a little better.

    Appreciative words are
    the most powerful force
    for good on earth.
    – George Crane

    A word of encouragement doesn’t cost a dime,
    but it can sustain someone for a lifetime.

    Kindness is often
    mistaken for weakness.
    But remember that kind
    people have far
    superior relationships.
    And they have the
    pleasure of living with
    themselves every day.

    The momentary
    pleasure one gets
    from venting anger
    is often replaced by
    regret. And many
    times, the damage
    cannot be undone.

    Make it a habit to give people the benefit of the
    doubt. It’s far better for you to think well of them
    and be proven wrong than the other way around

    If we feel intimidated by
    someone, we might
    gossip in order to
    impress the person with
    our inside knowledge.
    Our effort is bound to
    backfire, however, since
    the impression we are
    more likely to convey is
    that we can’t be trusted.

    It is very hard to undo
    the damage once you’ve
    embarrassed someone.
    Think carefully before
    you speak, especially in
    a public setting.

    People often prejudge others and lose a
    wonderful opportunity to be close to them.


    You have the power to create a beautiful life. It’s all in the words that
    you choose to say or refuse to say.

    Each day provides new opportunities
    either to hurt or to heal, and in this way, you create who you are.

    The path of healing with words is harder. It takes more thought, more
    time, and more determination.

    And it will seem that everyone around you
    is trying to sabotage your efforts.

    But your happiness, and the happiness of
    those around you, depends on the words that you speak.

    What’s it going to
    be today?

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    thanks so much for sharing these words of wisdom ....I have only read part of this post...since Iam not feeling too good....but Iam going to come back and finish ...I think more people in this world should follow these as guidelines and the world would be a much better place...

    thanks for going to the trouble and for taking the time to post this for everyone to see:)

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    Thank you, i too come from a family like that, and i'm constantly working on my words.

    It's so easy to forget to be kind.

    Silly huh!
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    Actually on the website there is a pdf file you can download and copy. I am tempted to print it out and mail to a few people.

    I am not perfect but I sincerely don't want to intentionally hurt others. Usually I am completely blindsided by others who hurt me.

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