Words of encouragment when I least expected it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by *Isla*, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Whenever I tell someone that I have CFS, I'm always afraid that they'll think less of me. Not that they should but people rarely understand what CFS is. But I told someone the other day who has been an acquaintance for many years. At first, he just kind of said he had had no idea and left it at that. But then today he sent me an email that just blew me away. All it said was this

    "The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all"

    I just think it's incredible how encouragment like that comes when I need it most.

    Just thought I'd share that bit of sunshine with everyone.
    God bless and keep smilin'!!