Words Of Wisdom For 03/21/04

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    Our downfall as Christians, in the eyes of God, comes not so much when we come up short in serving others.

    Our downfall comes when we forget others because we are focusing only on what we want and need for ourselves. Being responsible means, in part, we are to forget about ourselves and put others first in our life.

    This idea of being responsible by putting others first is just as mandatory as being responsible on our job, in our family life, or anywhere else our journey through life takes us. In fact, those people who do not put anyone first but always put themselves first fail miserably on their job, in their family life, and in all the other places their journey through life takes them.

    As God has arranged things, when someone puts you first in their life, they become first in your life. When you put someone else first in your life, then you become first in their life.

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    How very true. I need to have that permeated through my whole being. I love what you had to say.