Words seem to move around as I try to read...

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  1. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I am really sober too! This is weird I know and an ophthalmologist told me it is due to astigmatism (eye(s) not round), but I have asked others with this common disorder and no one else seems to have this trouble. Have any of you experienced words not "staying still" as you try to read them?

    It happens more often with black print against a white background. It is akin to the light sensitivity that I experience throughout the day, I think. The white just causes a "whiteout".

    I have a lot of big windows (dirty at that) and am very familiar with the interplay between the angles of the sun, during each season, with ME, lol.

    Sometimes I feel like a vampire :) I think I am more light sensitive in the mornings.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. Check out my rose. I took pics of some of my flowers today.

  2. butterfly8

    butterfly8 New Member

    I think I have experienced what you are trying to describe.

    When I first became sick with cfs I could not read because the words 'moved' and I would try to move my head to catch them and it was all too much and so I gave up for a while.

    Every time I changed the tv channel with my remote I had to close my eyes because the flashes from the tv screen made me dizzy.

    I thought that I might have MS because a friend of mine with MS had a similar problem - I was 'glad' when it turned out to 'only' be cfs.

    I also had light sensitivity. I wore my sunglasses everywhere, even at night. When I told an acquaintance about my light sensitivity, she said that she had thought I wore sunglasses all the time because it was part of my image.!!!!!! I have an image?????????????


    Both these problems have resolved themselves, even though I still have cfs.

    I was given two different explanations for them.

    1. I was told by my doc. that they had been caused by my hypothalamus being out of order and now it was ok again.

    2. I was told by my acupuncturist that they had been caused by toxic overload on my liver.

    I do not know what the cause is/was - but take heart because mine went.

    You might like to check out the two possible reasons given to me to see if either/both apply to you.
  3. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi andy--i have that problem often, i used to love to read but now it is just exhausting!

    on the board--very hard to read long posts not broken up, i can only read one-two pages of news paper before i have to close my eyes, it makes me so sleepy.

    just had an eye exam and mentioned to check this out but she said all was normal ( of course--story of our lives!)
    i know it differs at different times of day, etc, and past few weeks has been really bad, i have been blaming the increase in mirapex dose but have had this problem prior to mirapex.

    i am moving on to your roses as soon as i hit post--thanks in advance!--L
  4. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I'm not sure I have a problem with words moving as much as my eyes jumping and causing me to lose place. There's really no indication of when it is going to happen, so it can get really annoying/embarrassing when I'm reading out loud and I suddenly don't know where in the page I am.

    I do have light sensitivity though. I guess. I think it was created by my school. They keep the interior so dark and basically windowless and then set us loose into the real world every afternoon...there's a sun in that real world. O_O But I used to get bad headaches every time I would go outside to leave. Now since I've been home resting it's not so bad.

    I remember I used to have a problem with different types of writing. Like in class whenever I would use pencil to write my notes, I would feel like I couldn't see what I was writing. I knew it was there but for some reason I just couldn't "see" it, so I would have to switch to pen.
  5. lynnintn

    lynnintn New Member

    I see in 3-D sometimes when reading as well as the words seem to "move" and have had astigmatism since I was 12. It is aggravating. I just wear reading glasses now (I'm 43).

    I think these are normal symptoms of astigmatism which is due to an irregular shaped cornea-light enter the eye in an abnormal manner.

    Lynn in TN
  6. mebonlybecky

    mebonlybecky New Member

    I have 2 sons and me, that had the same problems.And when I went threw finding ways to help us, this is what I came up with. I myself has dyslexia, so does the oldest, and some signs with the other one.

    When I was in school not till HS did i find out what was wrong with me on reading something and understanding it. I never knew why my specail teacher had everything printed out in color paper. till i started looking it up for my oldest.

    Mostly white back grounds make my eyes go nuts.
    I try to sit my computer on a different back ground but not all sights i can.

    And reading a news paper, or book is hard, i looked and looked for something and then got, some clear color folders the ones that you can put in a 3 ring note book.
    I cut them in half and my son took a set to school he had to cover the whole page that he was reading.
    I put them over my computer as well.

    depends on the day, which color i use. I guess my brain cant handle certain colors on certain days. lol some bright colors on some days bother me more. Most of the time I use the blue. You just have to try them around.

    even to this day, my son still uses them. He has requested for me to send him some new ones, due to be worn, and he needs a set for head quarters as well.

    I have tried the computer covers you can buy but they dont help. the color things work better.

    Also since find this out years back, the teachers use them for kids with the same problem.
    it might be from a med you are on, but like all meds you have to make adjustments in other things due to the side effects they bring on.
    So you might try these.

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  7. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I really, really learned a lot from all the answers you sweet people have given me :)

    I thought I was all alone with this vision problem....

    Butterfly8 I am really glad your problem went away. I will read up on problems with the hypothalamus and liver. You know that ole hypothalamus can cause so many problems. Have a great day and thanks for replying :)

    Obrnlc I'm sorry to hear year word movement is worse :( Isn't it strange? People would not believe how hard it is on your eyes and head...I think we have some great answers as to the nature of our problem. Who'ed a thunk it?

    Yes, I wish everyone would "break up" their writing. I don't even use the proper rules of grammar for starting a new paragraph. I just skip 2 lines for every 2 that I write (well, not always....). It makes the post so much easier to read. I cannot read long, no lines skipped posts :(

    I hope you liked the rose. I now have a peony with an ant on it, lol. This is a flying ant. I had no idea until I was trying to get the camera focused and one just up and flew off :) Hope all is well with you today :)

    Hi Nerdieduckie :) I love your name, ha ha ha. Are you going to school now? I sure hope so. I have heard of people that have your problem. I think there is a name for it, but am not sure. I wilst google later :) The bit about the lead pencil vs an ink pen is strange too isn't it? I don't believe I have heard of that.

    Leaving a dark building and going into the open sunny daylight gives me a headache for sure. Ever had your eyes dilated by the doc? This is kind of the way I am normally....Thanks for your reply and I do hope that you are back in school.

    Lynn in Tn, I am Andy in Al, lol.....I was born and raised in north Alabama, maybe 15 miles from the Tennessee state line. I love both states. I have also lived in Nashville and Chattanooga.

    Wow the 3D topic has got my head spinning. I am trying to figure out how many D's I see in, lol. I think I may be seeing in about 2.5D, really. It does seem like I am trying to read the print in 3D...Far out...

    I wear very very strong glasses and am legally blind without them. Not much better with them. I need to get new ones but it is always so hard to get the lens made right. I always go back 2 or 3 times because they are flawed or are not right for me. I really have to have someone willing to work with me or it can get ugly, lol.

    Thanks for writing and I hope that you are doing as well as possible today :)

    Ms. Prickles howdy do young lady, future film star you are :) Thanks soooo much for this information. I think you are a genius...I always new there was an excuse for me having to ride the short bus...Dyslexia is me!!! I can't wait to not tell my wife, ha ha.

    I am going to try to get some orange translucent film or paper. I might google up an application that will place an orange background where I need one when reading on the net. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Speaking of mothers, your Mother is absolutely gorgeous! Tell her for me. I could listen to that English accent all day long :)

    Again, thanks so much for the reply and good luck on the contest. You know I am headed to You Tube now :)

    Mrs. Mebonlybecky :) Thanks so much for this great information. I can't believe all the trouble you have been through. I am just so glad to have got a diagnosis today :)

    Now maybe I can get some help. I'm really sorry to hear about your sons having this problem also. I really don't remember having it when I was in school. My memory has it's limits :)

    It seems as though you were very "crafty" with making your own visual aids. I probably will very well try the same for the newspaper and books.

    It sounds like one of your sons is in the military and if so, please thank him for his service to our country. G-d bless him.

    Thanks again for your reply and great info.

    AND thanks so much to all of you for being so thoughtful and helping me out.

    G-d bless and keep all of you,

  8. Poppy2

    Poppy2 New Member

    Hi there, I also have this problem and light sensitivity. Iv'e been to the eye Doctor and nothing showed up, I went to accupuncture one a week for 4 months and I can't say it did much for me. I also have a major dizziness problem and I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with this cranial pressure that comes and goes or trigger points. This one book I read says there can be trigger points in the muscles of your eyes, that are hard to get too. Do your teeth hurt also? Poppy
  9. hope4today

    hope4today New Member

    I have eye problems that seem to relate to tightness of neck and eye muscles. When they go into spasm things jump around on the page and sometimes I get a "plaid"/diamond effect in my field of vision as well.
    This is dangerous when driving!
    I have found spots on my skull that feel tender when pressed.
    Mine are behind my ear half way to the spine line up the skull. I just work that spot rubbing and pressing until the muscle relaxes and my vision is restored. It sometimes takes 10-15 min.
    My eye dr just says it makes sense and to keep it up. I do try not to strain my face or eye muscles...I wear a mouth guard at night and ALWAYS wear sunglasses if it is sunny. Even sitting in a sunny window. Once I scrunch muscles up it is hard to get them to relax.
  10. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Sorry about the dizziness, whew I can't deal with that although I get close to being dizzy sometimes. That reminds me of some old medicine for vertigo that I need to get refilled (meclizine)sp?)...

    Yes, sometimes I get sharp pains across my teeth. The pain doesn't last long though.

    I have been reading about the different types of dyslexia. Prickles explained in her post above that this could cause our words to move around. We are the "word chasers". Lol...

    I get what seems to be cranial pressure also. Since I have been taking Topamax, my headaches are much better. It seems I had a headache for 5 or 6 years. Amazing medicine.

    Do you have any medicine for the dizziness? If I get dizzy the first thing I want to do is hurl...I am a retching hurler :)

    I massage my eyeballs sometimes and I feel those tender points for sure. It feels very good and is relaxing. I do try not to scratch my corneas, being that I can't see much already :)

    Thanks for the reply and I hope your weekend was just great,


  11. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Hello Hope :)

    Sorry to hear about your eye tricks, lol. That is amazing! Yes I think I would pull over if I got the jumping plaid/diamond affect...Wow and what pain meds are you taking now? Ha ha ha, just a kidding.

    I have tender spots on the top of my head but they change locations. Sometimes I try to massage them a bit but they are just too aggravating to mess with.

    I also have a lot of tension in my neck and damage to the vertebrae in my neck, from football and a car wreck 3 years ago.

    I clench my teeth at night pretty bad. I keep forgetting to see if my local pharmacy has the mouth guards. My bite is not even so one side of my jaw hurts more than the other...

    Speaking of hard to relax muscles, I am going to try Zanaflex pretty soon. I have heard a lot of positive comments about it here. But it is just another medicine that I hope I will only need occasionally, if it works for me..

    I am still reading about and trying to understand myofacial Pain...I understand it I think. I just don't have a good feel for where all the myofacial tissue is located.

    Thanks so much for the reply :) Be well and as happy as you can be,


  12. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I wear corrective lense but they must have never really been right because this has been happening for so many years.

    I am going for new lense soon, and I will ask about this and make this astigmatism a #1 priority.

    Thanks very much for your information :)

  13. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    My daughter had the same problem in middle school. We had a complete evaluation done and found out she was right-handed, but left-eye dominant and that was causing some processing problems. Usually the dominant eye is the one you will use to look through the viewfinder of a camera or sight with in sports like archery, shooting, etc.

    Like Prickles, one of the suggestions was to place a piece of tinted plastic over what she was reading (I think they used a rose color for her). The other was to cut out different lengths of black cardboard to accommodate different sizes of reading material, cut out an inside rectangle and replace it with the colored plastic and move it down the page as you read. This causes you to focus on just a few lines at a time.

    She never became a speed reader, but it helped her tremendously in school. She really enjoys reading as an adult, whereas before she could only listen to books on tape or have someone read to her.

  14. mebonlybecky

    mebonlybecky New Member

    I sure hope the color over lads help. Like I said, try different colors on different days. For some reason today I am having to use Pink... yuck..

    But my brain was dancing around so much with my blue, I could not think of who the heck i was! lol

    And yes my oldest son that will be 22... :( sniff sniff this summer is in the Army he has been in Germany for the pass 3 years almost.

    I was planning on trying to go see him this summer, but he has found out what home base he will be sent to here in the states...:) in Olk.. about 5 hrs from me.

    Him and I are so very close, so it will be so much better him closer. He gets ribbed alot with his color things.. lol but heck now he has some major sgts doing it. lol

    I will surely tell him, that you said thanks.
    That is something that show these guys that they are doing something for everyone.

    Even if he can get use to people coming up and shaking his hand. Makes him teary.

    As for ...um cant remember the name, but the one that has the child with problem right and left, eye.

    my #4 son, has alot of learning problems, he is not really handy cap or nothing, just a major learning problem.

    The teachers, and special (resource) teachers from head start - to 1st grade was just stumped on what was wrong.
    Over the summer I took him into a sicolgist and had a report done on him.

    His IQ is normal but, he has very shorttttt term memory, which brings IQ down.

    Then he is more a right brain thinker, meaning he has to see, touch, hear , smell (hands on learning)more visual learning.

    He has a small part of dxy.

    Since we found out what all he has, from 2nd to now in 5th he has improved so very much. When he started 2nd he still didnt know his ABC's

    not from him not trying, he just couldnt remember them.
    He is a VERYYYY HARD worker, and loves school. Dont miss at all!
    The teachers,and I really had to get creative, to teach him a different way. Some people think i am nuts for doing some of the things i do to teach him his spelling. But that is part of a parent, I dont want him to slip threw the cracks.

    He will never be a dr. or lawyer, but he is good with his hands, and love to draw.

    Threw this all, learning his problems teachers at school, and our district meeting I am involded with kids with learning problems, they all see his improvements and have started teaching other kids with a wall up that makes the teachers scartch their heads on what to do. And they too see improvements on them.

    So not only your child might be just one eye over the other, he/she might be more hands on learning. Might check into it.
    Just a thought.
  15. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Hi Jan and thanks very much for this information :)

    I really haven't had the time to google this subject, but I think my problem is due to either astigmatism or dyslexia. I never had dyslexia as a child and read pretty well.

    Now I am wondering if changes or deterioration in the white matter of my brain may have caused this problem with my vision. I have had an MRI of my brain due to headaches and I have white matter disease per my neurologist. As he was explaining this disease to me, he held up a piece of note book paper and started punching holes in it with a pencil. Yikes! Holey white matter!

    I have never had a hallucination, but this seems to be what is happening when I focus on really black print with a white background.

    My eyeglass prescription is way too old. In fact if I close my right eye, I cannot read. I can see far off with my left eye. I am right eye dominant also, but it was always my weakest eye and had the strongest correction.

    That is a great idea about the black cardboard and the colored insert. I could very well use that for a book or the newspaper :)

    I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing fine. I have two daughters myself and am very proud of them. Boy, I sure did want a son though!

    Be well and happy,


  16. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    What are you reading that required pink?

    That's it, with all of the help from you guys, I have figured it out! I am going to make up some colored overlay for my monitor! Egad...Lol. It finally hit me. I may have to go to the Hobby Lobby to find the material but I am sure that I can.

    A tad or 2 of velcro on the top plastic frame of my monitor, and matching velcro on each of the colors that work for me. Hey y'all, lets all get together and patent this idea.....Ha ha ha.

    Rockgar (sp) can do the legal work and patent search....We'll be rich. We can sell "Dyslexia Kits" for computer monitors. (I wonder how many of these are already out there, lol)

    Glad to hear your son is coming back from Germany. I was in the Army way back when and none of us never wanted to go to Germany. They played too many "war games" out in the snow. I am from the south and the thoughts made me shiver to the bone, lol.

    I was also in a war that was very unpopular. That is why I always support out service men and women, regardless of what I think of the decisions made by our government.

    Has it been 3 years since you have seen your son? If so, that must be torture, but I'll bet he has been home on leave or I sure hope that he has.

    Yes I remember reading about your trip that you planned to take to Germany. If not you, it was someone, lol.

    It is very heart warming to hear of your son that is now in the 5th grade. Geeze you had to work so hard with the teachers to get him where he is at. They say that artist, musicians and the like are right brain dominant :) You should introduce your son to the guitar...He might surprise you in how fast he picks it up.

    I have a granddaughter that amazes me with a harmonica! She just picks it up and plays it.

    Keep up the good work with the school system and your son. You have such a great attitude about his future. I think he has a fantastic Mom. One who does not push him to do things that he cannot possibly do, which could cause him to have emotional difficulties.

    You seem like a very patient person. To me that is a wonderful part of one's character :)

    Thanks for all the help. Now I have to get busy on making our invention....Ha ha ha

    Wishing blessings for you and all of yours,


  17. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    visual bump
  18. mebonlybecky

    mebonlybecky New Member

    I was having to use pink yesterday, because I was on Microsoft working on some of my writtings, and for some reason, my brain would just not adjust my eyes to any other color. I had I guess a ture brain fog yesterday! It was scary really.

    And I would like to take this time, to Thank you Andy for your service in the "unpopular war". My dad.(really step dad, but been more a dad than my real dad) was there as well.

    All of Brandon's (son in Germany) life, I knew he would be in some service, he looks up to my dad so much, as he does to all that served.

    My husband now was also in the Army, he was in Desert storm. We have only been together for the pass 5 years, so he was out of army when I met him.

    And yes Brandon, been in Germany for 3 years.
    He first was at Ft. Jackson, SC. for boot camp. he had to recile in, again, due to he hurt his shoulder he had broke years back. But it was good for him, he learned so much more than others.

    He is battery unit, but they wanted him infantry,(brag time) because he and one other guy from the 4 units that grad, got perfect markmans ship. :)

    So he really as in bootcamp for 6/7 months.
    We took all the kids, for a week up there, and saw him only 1 1/2 days. Then he went to Maryland for AIT for 3 months.

    A friend of his,(john who is in army now too, and going back for his 2nd tour in Iraq, like my other son) and I went up there to see him grad, and he came back with us, for a week.

    Then he left for Germany. He has not been home since. :(
    He was supose to come home this pass Christmas, but his NCO, still had not got his Sign up bonus, so he had to do something dumb to get it to go higher, then he brought it up his NCO, was not doing what he was supose to do.

    But time he got it, he had already took leave and could not come home.

    And yes I was planning on going over there in the summer with my 17 yr old son, but since he will be home in OCT-Nov. we might not.

    A long time friend that he has stayed in contact with, wellll we might be planning a wedding then.. So i can use the money there... :)
    He is getting a base in Olk (fort sill) which is just 5 hrs away so that is going to be Great! He will be teaching, lol. he thinks that is funny, but his sgt, and mj sgts and even a general said he has showed alot to them.

    he helped me so much from the time he was in 7th grade becoming an adult, when I was a single mom of 5 kids. So I knew he could do it.

    sorry about bragging, just he and EVERYONE ( YOU TOO) makes me very proud. And no i dont agree with the goverment as well. But I back people like you, brandon, and his friend john, up!!!!!!

    Thank you for the coment on working with Keane (11 yr old) I do it cause I dont want him to have a hard time like I did in school. I have had to teach myself alot as an adult, ( as you can tell still not a good speller) lol.

    And yes been thinking about getting him something like guitar, this summer, he takes a art class all the time, to keep his mind busy. He is not a sport kid like my youngest so gives him something to do.

    Thank you also for what you said about me.. lol
    sometimes i am not paitent, but i try. People ask me how i can do it with 5 kids. well 4 now.. but i say.
    Only with Gods help can I!!!!
    and live and learn.

    Well andy, hope you find all the things you need to make it. lol and heck yeah sale them.. lol
    I think I have alot of teachers using them here already In this small hick town of east texas.. lol

    Have a good day!!!

  19. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    So being right-handed but left eye dominant can cause processing problems? I'm very intrigued about this.

    I'm strongly right-handed, and strongly left-eyed. My right eye is lazy and I can't even read out of it.
  20. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Thanks so much for the acknowledgment of all of our services. I guess you gave us an early Veteran's day, lol.

    Now I know where your abundance of patience came from-FIVE CHILDREN! Ha ha ha. G-d bless you :)


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