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    I got the idea for this post from 2Cats' art postings(thank you) . I love this topic. I am a vocalist and my degrees are in art and heritage art. When I lived in Chicago I had the blessing of going to a Worship Arts conference at Willow Creek Church , a "Mega Church" that seems really more like a college campus of Christian learning to me.

    Anyway , the Worship Arts conference was such a blessing that I thought anyone interested in Christian/Worship/Spiritual arts may like this to a 'think-tank' for people so inclined. FUN!

    Although I can't really participate at all like I did in the arts , I still like to read about and see Worship art for the Lord. Oh , this includes dance, painting and art , music , drama and so much more.

    In His Grace,

    link :

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    I was checking out the link and I couldn't get to it that way and kept getting the page that it didn't exist. I had to get to it by going to:

    then clicking on IDEA NETWORK

    then so many fascinating things came up that would be of interest to many. Hope that might help anyone else that may be having trouble getting directly to it. Hugs.

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    ( I hope you don't mind the abr. of your name . Hand cramps !)

    Thank you !