Work all week but sleep all weekend.

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    I'm at my wits end. For 2 months now, I've been working all week but literally sleep all weekend. As I write, it's 2pm on Sunday and my head has just cleared enough for me to stay up. I'm really concerned as this is ruining my life. I went to the doctors 3 weeks ago but didn't get much help. I got a prescription of 10mg of Citalopram a day which isn't helping.
    This weekend has been a typical one. I went to bed on Friday at 9.30pm. Got up on Saturday at 1pm, had a coffee and went back to bed until 8.30pm. Watched TV until 1am, then went to bed and am just up for the first time on Sunday and it's 2pm!
    I hope someone can point me in the right direction of where to get help? Thanks.

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    I totally understand how you are feeling. I work full time and then by the time I get home in the afternoon I just crash until time for bed. Then when the weekend finally gets here I spend most of the days trying to regain enough strenght to do it again.

    I do have sleep apnea to go along with the fibro and I don't get good sleep even when I do. I fight with the CPAP machine usually until about 2:00 am then I take it off to get a little sleep.

    One thing I do is take Provigil every morning. I know it is really expensive but if your Dr. will give you a prescription and you have insurance to cover the cost it might make a real difference for you. If it weren't for taking it I don't think I would be able to work everyday. Naturally it is not a majic pill but it makes things a little more bearable. Wishing you better days ahead. Denise
  3. amarjoram

    amarjoram New Member

    Thanks Leah. I really appreciate your reply.

    Although it is a holiday, I should have been working today but didn't get up until 2pm.

    I live alone in an isolated country location in Scotland. The nearest shop to me is 3.5 miles away. So far I've always had enough food in the house to keep me going because on Friday night I know that I will probably not get out all weekend and so I plan ahead. The upside is that by not going out at weekends, I save a fortune on petrol!

    The doctor did not take or suggest taking blood samples. Over the last 9 years or so, I've had quite a few. 9 years ago I was in hospital for 10 days undergoing all sorts of tests as I was spitting blood and had blood in my urine. After extensive and difficult tests the doctors thought that I may have had Goodpastures disease but whatever it had been, thankfully, it had gone! I still have traces of blood (not visible) in my urine. Up until last year I had been going to see the Kidney specialist at least once a year and always had blood tests then.

    Although I haven't been feeling motivated for a couple of weeks, I do try and keep in shape. I have a small gym at home that use. I was going running (3 miles) at least 2 times a week. I'm 50 years old but still like to play soccer occasionally. I do like walking too.

    My problem is that on the outside I look very well and people say I look extremely young and well for my age. However, it's on the inside that I don't feel very well at all.

    Some have said that I have a stressful work situation but I love my job. I am a support worker and help people who are recovering from drug addiction problems. As well as working at the rehab, I run an outreach bus that goes out to towns and villages offering help to anyone affected by substance misuse problems.

    My biggest fear is that my lack of energy and feeling so bad must be a psychological problem and that would be hard for me to accept or know what to do about that?

    Thank you for that advise about drinking more water. That is something that I often advise people at the rehab but you saying that has made me realize that I need to start practising what I preach!

    Once again, thank you for kind words and good advice. Andrew.

    PS. I forgot to answer some of your questions:
    Yes, I sleep well. I have absolutely no problem going to sleep at all!
    The only other symptom I can think of is that until I have slept it off my head feels like "fuzzy" - like that "need Caffeine" kind of feeling and I can't seem to function mentally until I have the copious amounts of sleep. If that makes sense?
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  4. amarjoram

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    Thanks Denise. I have had experience of living with someone who had Sleep Apnoea and so can appreciate and sympathise with what you are going through.

    As I live in the UK, I'm blessed with the fact that I don't need medical insurance and currently in Scotland, there is no charge for prescriptions! I will look into Provigil and see if it's available here and what exactly it does and any long term effects to watch for?

    Thanks for your reply and hoping and praying for better days ahead for you too Denise. Take care. Andrew
  5. kch64

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    Hi Andrew. Unfortunately, this is part of the illness. However it can come and go. You will have times that you feel fairly good, and sometimes you can go months and years, feeling exhausted. It's frustrating to say the least.

    I've had Fibro for about 20 years, and was diagnosed about 10 years ago.

    There's a supplement that is sold on here, called NADH. About 8 years ago, I was feeling extremely fatigued all the time. I tried it, and it helped me quite a bit. Wasn't a cure-all, but was very good. Also, make sure you get your thyroid checked. It can take a long time for thyroid issues to show up in the blood worked, so have it checked often.

    I had a rheumatologist tell me that Fibro people have to pace themselves. We have a tendency to work very hard when we feel good, and it causes us to crash. Try to be patient with yourself. It's not easy to stay positive. Get out and get some fresh air and sunshine if you can.

    Good wishes.
  6. kch64

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    Hi, Me again :) Many of us "Northern European" persons or people with that heritage (I'm American but English and Irish lineage) have undetected Celiac or gluten sensitivity.

    Try a gluten free diet for awhile and see if it helps you. I've been told that it's a hard illness to diagnose, even with testing. The best way is to try a gluten free diet.

    It's hard to follow, but if you perservere, it may help you.


  7. Jittle

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    It sounds like you actually do a lot, between work and the outreach program, and exercise... I can barley do the laundry today. But I know how you feel: I can sleep all day if I let myself, and it bothers me to know end. I want to get up and do things or go places, but just do not have the energy to get dressed and do them. I have been so tired for about 8 months to a year now, and it seems to be getting worse no matter what supplements i try. I will eventually have to go back to work which scares me because I don't know how I am going to stay awake. Goint to a thyroid doctor next week... I am praying she finds something.

    Good luck and take it easy on yourself.
  8. slowdreamer

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    Andrew working and sleeping was my pattern for some time before CFS was diagnosed.. Not good for Social Life Heh!

    I believe the sleep is often healing in many cases but this is only my suggestion..

    Being a driven argumentative type I argued with my sleepy body and I believe increased the eventual severity of my illness.

    Can you find a knowledgeable CFS Doc to clarify?

    As an Australian I enjoyed working a few months in Scotland. Edinburgh briefly and the AT Aberlour House" school in whisky country near Elgin.
    Best Wishes

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