work all week to sleep all weekend or vice versa

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  1. pammy52

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    Would appreciate hearing from anyone who is as frustrated as
    I am with plodding thru a work week only to spend most of the weekend sleeping. On those rare days when I have a burst of energy and the hurting from head to toe is tolerable I try to get too much done...knowing I am pushing too much but afraid it will be weeks before I feel that good again. Usually I can deal with the aches and pains as
    long as the fatigue is reasonable. Some days just sit in
    my car and cry before I can get it together to drive home.
  2. danisue22

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    life here in Fibro land.I've been this way for more years than I care to remember...Danisue
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  3. dolsgirl

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    Right now I'm again looking for employment. The problem is that whenever I do work, that's all I can do. I'm a zombie at home after work and I recuperate nites and weekends. I don't have a life when I work. We need the income though. I definitely feel MUCH better when I don't have to work. I'm not lazy, it's just true. I walk in your shoes. dolsgirl
  4. annodyne

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    pleased to meet you i just joined the board:)

    I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes your so exhausted, mad and frustrated all you can do is break down and spate:<

    Sometimes just knowing that I have made it through the worst day I can ever remember since having this dd, makes me feel like I have more control because if I made it through the worst, no way in H** i won't make it through today?!
    Then i start to yell by myself to let it out(you know you all do to, matter of fact that is how i came up with the spoof on the commercial intro) and then i start laughing and then i go play guitar and eat some candy:D