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    Can a person apply for diability and still be working part time?
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    go to

    i did it myself but i was off work first my sdi ran out, my savings ran out, child support was nonexixtent,,,for three years plus i was paying for legal fees...what a miserable few years...

    anywys i had to go on welfare or workder messed up..sent me to a wlrk program called calworks..i thought how the heck am i going to be able to do this...well i found a job in no time...i have great quals..but i need 2 surgeries..turned into 3 of them w/i a dealing w/workerkers comp and ssdi appeals...

    so anyways id id work briefly i did temp jobs...i found a permanent one..but i got let go cause they said i couldn't multitask...well that was one of the things i was complaining about..

    the attorney i had said that would work to my advantage..i drew my unemployment yes i said i was able to work, because i needed the money...the judge did ask me peronal financail questions...she said he would understand it was a means to an end...i won my case...

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    In order to apply for disability you must have been out of work for one full year or expected not to for at least one full year.

    Go to it will answer all your ? After you are on SS you can work but can not make more than 800.00 a month.

    You must remember that SS is Federal and no matter were you live the laws are the same....You may have a different case worker or judge that see things differently but the laws are the same.

    A judge in one state may feel FM if a disability and another judge think its not.


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    the correct website address is Just wanted to let you know.


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