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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shari1677, Jun 23, 2009.

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    First off, I was wondering if fibromyalgia was covered under the Disability Act? My employer does know I have FM, but I have never sent in a written notice. If so, should I? I'm also thinking of looking into a parking voucher - how would I do that?

    How many of you that are still employed are able to keep up with your old production level? Mind has been cut in half, at least. I'm surprised quite frankly that I still have a job and insurance. Any tips?

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    The SS dept recognizes FM as a disability, so it should be covered, though that only means that employers have to make "reasonable accommodations" and it only applies to places employing more than a certain number of it may or may not actually make a difference in your situation.

    For parking (I assume you mean a disabled placard), you have to go to the Sec of State website and print out an application (if your state is the same as mine), and then get a Dr to fill it out and sign it. Then you send it in and if approved, they send the placard to you.

    Also, I am no longer employed, but I have ME/CFS and FM, and a few other things, as well. I tried to work part time and finish grad school after I got sick, wound up having to stop working, did manage to finish school, but the part time internship made my health way I have not actually been able to use my degree, aside from what I did during the internship and some informal stuff. At this point, though, I am doing well if I manage to be functioning 4 or 5 hours/day total, and that includes things like taking a shower, so work is completely impossible.
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    If I understood your post correctly, you wanted to know if Fibromyalgia was "covered" under ADA. It's much more complicated than that. No specific illness or condition is mentioned in the ADA. The Act is non-specific and open to wide interpretation. You really need to read up on it yourself and figure out a game plan. There are numerous good websites which explain the basics of ADA in understandable terms, and its limits. Example: your employer has to have a certain number of employees (I think it's 15) to even have to comply with ADA. Many businesses and employers have no idea what the ADA requires or how to implement the act. Companies large enough to have a Human Resource Department and Legal Office tend to have a system for ADA claims to be managed.

    Here is one website that provides basic info about ADA. There are many more. Some lean more to the individual needing the protections provided in ADA.

    You also need to become familiar with the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). It has some protections for people who need to take time off from work for personal or family medical or other situations. Again, it is complicated and is handled well by some employers and poorly by others. You have to be very familiar with the Act in order to know if you are receiving the protection it was intended to provide employees.

    As for your handicapped placard or license plate, every state has its own system. In mine, one has to get the form from the DMV, get the dr's signature, and return it to the DMV. Google something like "disabled license plates (your state)" and you will probably get the info you need.

    The bottom line is this: you have to do your own work to get answers to your questions, because every situation is different. Other members can give you some great ideas about how to start your research and things to consider, but only you or someone acting specifically on your behalf can start accumulating the info you need.

    I was forced to retire on disability before FMLA was enacted, and my job performance was only down about 25%. Since it was superior when I was well, I would consider my job performance average when I got the axe.

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