Work at home in your spare time? (a question not spam)

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  1. Lasso

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    I've been on disability for years and it's driven me up the wall. Even though I couldn't handle a job, there are days I feel well enough to do *something*! Those days I get really irritated at not being able to do anything truly productive. Has anybody ever tried these "work from your home in your spare time" gimmicks? I've heard some of them are legitimate. I don't want to try any of those offers until I know which ones ARE legitimate, though. If anybody has ever tried a work at home job that is *really* at your connivance, and is actually honest, please let me know. Thanks
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    or money - they all cost money before you get any real explanation of the program and then the supplies cost you money. The ones who say they will buy a product back from you will never approve it (always something wrong with it) and the ones who say they will pay you for "processing" or stuffing & mailing actually only pay you for sales they make from the mailed advetisements. Some of the stuff & mail schemes are only placing the same ad you answered and mailing out more of the same letter you received. Your only pay is the $1 or $5 that other gullible fools send you with their self-addressed-stamped-envelope.

    Been there, done that. Even when you get sent free information and it sounds surefire, honest and easy, if you read it carefully enough you will find the "catch" in the wording or the sentence structure. Some of them are very clever.

    The TV magazine shows and local news stations have repreatedly publicized that NONE of these schemes are valid.

    It's such a good idea, I don't know why there can't be any honest one. In fact, I'm sure there are - but they are local and you have to dig them out. I was lucky enough for 2 years to paint statues for a woodcarver, here at home and I made decent money. But then I had to give it up because I didn't have the energy while caring for my mother. Now that I could go back to it, he has someone else. I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out something I can do here at home.

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    Jo Anne your experience with painting the statues just gave me an idea. There must be lots of businesses that have a need for ocassional work that does not need to be done on the premises. I think the phone book might be a good place to start looking. You could just start calling or send out letters. You could also tell everyone you come incontact with at the dry cleaned, hardware store or whatever about your desire for temp work in the home. You never know who might have a mailing list they want stamped for one time promotional sale or whatever. Think local and let them know you are here and follow up so they know you really mean it.

    Im a firm believer in using what you have and the word disabled gets peoples attention. Saying you are disabled and desire to be productive just might hit a right note with someone.
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    I've been looking for the same, I'm not disabled..yet, but working the long hours is about to get to me. I keep thinking that if I could just find something to do at home my own hours, days or however long the body will allow it. I get a little frightend sometimes, Im afraid I'm just trying to find a hole to crawl into. No one seems to undestand how bad and low down exhausted you can get! They seem to assume that you are lazy. Believe me, I just wish I could put in 8 to 10 hours and come home clean and cook and run errands after just ain't gonna happen, and I dread being a burden to anyone. My mom is 80, my brother and sisters are all sick with one thing or another, my kids all have really small kids and jobs...who could I burden anyway?? So, I look for a hole to crawl into, and a job to do when "i can"!

    If you find that perfect at home work, let me know, and I'll bet there are a bunch of others who could use that knowledge.


    Love and Blessings!
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    There is an "ivillage" website for women at which under the "work" heading, click on "home biz" and there's a whole lot of info on this topic and lots of ideas.

    I plan to explore it further myself if I ever get the time and energy.

    And, no, I don't work for them and I hope this info doesn't get zapped by the URL police. It's a really great website for alot of things!

    Happy hunting
  6. Jillian40

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    doing something in line with your interests.

    I am a strong believer in the idea of "bloom where you're planted". Here's an example. I have always loved doing photography. So now I'm telling people "word of mouth" that my "shop is open" ie: "have camera/will travel" to take pictures of the family pet, family in the park, young teen's portfolio, etc. As soon as I put my mind to it, I got 3 interested people within the first 6 weeks. Now my challenge is putting a reasonable, but high price tag on my work.

    The costs involved for me were a few business cards, a new flash, and putting together a portfolio of my previous work. I'm excited to see how it goes.

    And . . . if you're possibly an animal lover, I know that many cities have small business owners who do pet sitting and who periodically advertise for people to work for them, with a flexible schedule. They seem most interested in those who are retired, to hire. But rather than waiting for them to advertise, look in the yellow pages and call them.

    I would also second the idea someone mentioned about participating in Focus Groups, where you are hired for one day, and make maybe $50-$100, discussing a product, a political candidate or policy, etc.

    Then there is an "at home" job that comes to mind, where you take a course to learn medical transcription, then work for a doctor's office transcribing their notes and e-mailing them to their office. How are your arms/wrists? This is not usually FT, but PT.

    Then there is "meals on wheels" programs in most communities, where you can deliver meals, though it may be more of a volunteer gig. You could cheer up a couple dear grandpas or grandmas.

    Are you eligible for state or county department of disability? where you get a caseworker assigned to you to help you to find gainful employment? What is to say that they may not have their hands around a couple of "at home" ideas.

    In the meantime, I'll pray for you knowing that God's plans include every living breathing person on this earth. I just know that there is an answer to your question. So keep askin' and listen for the answer.

    Keep On Keepin' On ........ Jill
  7. Lasso

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    Some good ideas, but I am limited at the time to "at home, when I feel up to it, no pressure" kind of stuff. I do make crafts at times I feel up to it, but I haven't been able to find any place to sell them. So many people make crafts these days.
    As for those "You pay us up front and we'll buy the stuff back" offers, I figure those are scams.
    If anybody gts any ideas, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Cin

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    I know it's kind of cliche, but I'm an Avon Lady. I am unable to work and have been for a while. Here's what I do:
    I have my friends and family hand out the book to people they know. Then I take the phonecalls and enter the orders online. I also put the order together, when I get the shipment. Then I have the friend or family member who knws the person hand it out and collect the money. It's about all the work I can handle. It doesn't make me rich, but it helps me to feel like I am a contributing member of society. And as the song goes, I get by with a little help from my friends.
    If you're interested, I can get you in touch with someone who can get you set up. Let me know, my email addr is in my profile.
    Good Luck,
  9. Lasso

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    Avon isn't something I think I would be very good at. I was never very good at talking to people, I sorry to say, though I wish I were.
    I think my best bet would be making or putting things together at a time I can choose. I don't know what that would be. As I said I'm good at crafts, but these days ...A LOT of people make crafts.

    Note: I am sending the computer in for maintenance work tomorrow or the day after. So if there are any further suggestions or replies to this thread, please don't be offended if I don't answer. I won't have a computer to answer on!;)
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    There are many legitimate companies that offer women, and men also, opportunities to start a home based business and work their own hours. I happen to have one of these and it has been a great source of personal support as well as an earning opportunity.

    You can look up the Direct Selling Association on google and find their website. On it you will find the names of these companies. From my own experience I have had great training opportunities as well as a lot of fun. Even if you've never sold anything, if you find a product you like and believe in you can be enthusiatic about it. In my case the product sells itself!

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    When I became too ill to go out to work.I suppose I was a little fortunate, I already had a small H/B bus on the go.
    i make home made Preserves and supply a few small businesses with them, at least I can choose the times I work, if I am having a bad time I don't do it, but when I am feeling not too bad I run with it and do a big cookup, I may not have to do anymore for a few months.
    You will think of something, there are lots of avenues out there, you just have to think of them.

    Take care , Hugs and Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.................Cheers Cycie