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    Has anyone tried any of the work at home jobs.I have been seeing the ones for mailing letters and making crafts from at home are they all a joke ?
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    I mentioned stuffing envelopes at home to the woman at Voc Rehab. She seemed to think there was a high potential for scams in that. So I never called, you could at least call if you want.

    I did see about one of the craft things. They sent me a catalog which I had to pay for (don't remember if it was $25 or $45). Basically the catalog listed all these companies who will pay you to assemble their things in your home. That was over 2 years ago so I don't remember much. You might lose money if you have to go buy equipment (you obviously don't have to assemble things you don't want to). You may also may have to pay for the kits or something? (Really don't remember, and it may differ for each company.) For that, you might just want to do an internet search.
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    BE VERY CAREFUL, especially if the companies ask for money. Check out ANY business with your local Better Business Bureau and they can advise you. I'm currently trying to find employment at home also, but I am going the medical transcription route through my local college (I've been an admin asst for over 20 years). Not a quick fix, but hopefully permanent solution. Good luck!
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    My Grandmother said once that she tried all of that stuff and it was a joke. I wouldn't waste my money. If you have to pay them something, it isn't worth it.
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    Just thought I'd add my 2 cents to what others have already said. All of those ads are scams, no matter how honest they say they are. Been there, done that. Some of the envelope stuffing only pays if the people you mail the brochures to buy something. With most of them you are just stuffing the same letter that was sent to you and hoping there are other suckers out there who bite.

    The craft assembly is essentially a way for craft material makers to make money! Some tell you how and where to sell the crafts you have made with their kits, others say they "might" buy back the crafts you made but when you send them in, they are never up to their standards.

    The "medical ID" production tells you (for a fee) how to do it and how to market yourself to doctors.

    All of these are really good ideas. Why none of them are "for real" is beyond me. I was lucky enough to find a local carver who paid me to paint his work, at my house. But when his daughter and ex moved back, they got the work. I'm looking for something I can do at home also but I'm afraid to advertise in the paper for fear of the calls I'd have to deal with!

    Also, once you respond to just one of those ads, your mailbox will be full of junk offers for years to come!

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    Try something like Entrepenuer Magazine to find reputable work at home options. You should be able to get a copy at a local book store, or you can probably get a subscription on

    If you are interested in some sort of multilevel marketing you can also try to find reputable options.

    One word of warning though is that in my experience most people underestimate the amount of work required to start a home business and make it successful. I don't remember the exact statistic but the majority of people quit within the first 2 years. It requires effort, people are not going to just come knocking at your door.

    My suggestion is to look for something you have an interest or skill in. For example someone posted about starting a medical transcription business because they had some experience. And be realistic about the time and effort you can devote to the business.

    That being said there legitimate options to work at home. Just do your research so you don't get scammed, your better business bureau is a great place to start. And be realistic and persistant. As Albert Einstien said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
    Good Luck,
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    I recently tried starting a home-based business. For those of you interested in trying, contact your local Small Business Administration. I'm not sure if this is local to me or not, but ND also has local Jobs Development Authority offices. Voc Rehab also helped me a bit, giving me an outline of how to write a business plan, they may have also provided some funds, but the woman I talked to said they'd pay for something after I proved the business was working.... JDA gave me $500 start-up money (they also had a $1000 grant), and they arranged to pay for a seminar I attended.

    I'm not going to continue doing the business. It's been just under a year and, while I appreciate the lack of calls because it allows me to recuperate from the calls I do get and to get other things done, when I *do* get calls, I kill myself. It's computer consulting (hardware, software troubleshooting, etc.) and my skills are rusty. Even when it's something I really know I'm wiped out after 2 hours. And if it's something I don't know it's worse. And you *can't* leave a customer's saying, "Sorry can't fix it right now, gotta nap" or whatever. And my brain doesn't work right, so remembering things I've learned is iffy.

    I'm going to check into medical transcription, but I don't know if that's feasible since, apparently once you get a tape you have to finish it in 48 hours (why? my doc here sometimes doesn't even do the dictation for 3 days...). And if someone mumbles it can take you hours to figure it out. Doesn't sound like that will fit into my 2-6 hours/week current ability.

    It was easier for me to find a 3 hour/week data entry job in Portland. Just sign up at temp agencies (they even called me for a 1 hour/day job doing noon-time reception, which I opted not to try). And let people know you're looking for that kind of work. I got my second 3 hour/week job from a contact at the first place. They wanted me to work more and I said I'd try, but I wasn't able to (I was honest about my illness).