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    I am scheduled to see my Dr next week. I am going to talk to her about getting disability. Anyway, I am working part time right now and I just cant quit until I get some other income. I work in a really old office building and I work for the state. There were others that worked in here that work for the county but they moved them out due to bad air quality inside, but they wont move me out. I am the only one left working in this building. I know there are bad things in this building. I come in here in the morning and turn on an air cleaner, open the windows and turn on the heater no matter how cold it is. When I am here I get stuffy, start coughing and get tired. Something is definatly in here. I just cant quit right now with nothing else. SO, my question is... do I have to be off of work in order to qualify for disibility? I thought maybe I could take short term and go from there, also, I am thinking maybe that I can talk to the DR about the building issues I have and maybe she can get me out on short term. I dont know what to do, but its hard enough working let alone in a building that may make your symptoms worse.. I dont know what what to do... Also, I wonder if there are things in a building or air quality that can affect our disease??? Does anyone know that question? Please help with any suggestions anyone might have... Thanks so much..
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    hi star I worked in a building once where everyone was getting sick. After company not doing anything we called OSHO. They came out and did air tests.

    Iam shocked you work for the state and they have acknowledge there's a problem and have anyone still in that building. Have you asked why you are still there?

    Go to your doc tell him whats happening. He can write a letter stating you should not be in this enviroment. Yes this is making you sicker. There could be mold asbestos who knows those things are especially toxic for us.

    Demand they get you out of there. Go to dept of Health also. then see a lawyer if they don't respond.

    You can look into being off work from what you've said about this building you may be able to apply for workmens comp. Were you sick before you worked there?

    best of luck keep us posted
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    We did call OSHA, they couldnt do anything because I live in Nevada and here there isnt any air quality codes. So when they moved the others out and left me there, I asked why. I called OSHA and spoke to the guy who came out here, he said to complain about Mold from previous sewage leaks in the building and poor ventilation in the building. I know it has made me sicker because I was off for a couple weeks at Christmas and I didnt feel like this. I am the only employee out here working for this division and it seems as no one cares, they told me that they were told it was fine, but yet no one has been out here themselves.
    I have had AS and FM for years but havent felt this bad until I started working there and it has progeressivly gotten worse.
    When I complained about it, they basically told me that I could quit then. I cant afford to quit, but I cant afford for my health to get any worse then it is either.. its weird too when people come in the building, they always make a comment about how it smells weird.
    Do you really think my Dr. can do anything? Like get me workmans comp and get me out of there? At least until they get it figured out??
    I got a prescription for medrol today to help my breathing, I have asthma, but it has gotten way worse and I have this terrible little cough that went away while I was gone. I have it all documented. Should I take that to the Dr. too?? Any help with this would help..
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    Hi, star273.

    From what you've reported, it sounds as though you could have mold illness due to biotoxins produced by toxic molds in a water-damaged building. Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker has studied this and is one of the main doctors treating it. He has written the book Mold Warriors about this subject, which is available from Amazon or from www dot moldwarriors dot com.

    He reports that about 24% of the general population is vulnerable to getting mold illness if they are exposed to toxic mold spores, because their genetic makeup causes their immune system not to be able to detect the toxins, so that they remain in their bodies and cause all sorts of symptoms.

    Dr. Shoemaker's website is www dot chronicneurotoxins dot com. He offers a visual contrast sensitivity test on this website that can be taken on your computer. I think it costs $20, and it will determine whether you have neurotoxins in your brain. Dr. Shoemaker has a panel of additional tests that he recommends if the visual contrast sensitivity test comes out positive.

    There is also a test available to determine if toxic molds are present in a building. It is called the ERMI test. It involves vacuuming dust into a filter and sending the filter to a lab for DNA analysis. This test can determine the types of mold that are present.

    If a person has mold illness, it is very important to get out of the environment that has the toxic molds. Dr. Shoemaker then has a treatment that involves taking an old cholesterol-lowering drug called cholestyramine. This binds the toxins as they circulate through the gut in the bile, and carries them out in the stools.

    There are others who post to this board who have been dealing with mold illness. Some have had toxic molds in their living environment, and have had to move and get rid of all their clothes and possessions, which were contaminated with toxic mold spores.

    I don't know how you can go about convincing your management that you need to move to a different working environment. If your doctor is knowledgeable about mold illness, perhaps he/she can help. This is not just an allergy to mold. It is a response to toxins produced by certain types of mold that multiply in water-damaged buildings. It is actually a very big problem, and old government and school buildings seem to be particularly affected.

    I hope you can get relief from this.


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    Document Document Document! something is not right here. Can you get report from the guy at Osha?

    Have you been reporting this to your doctor also? the more records you have the better. Let your doctor known whats going on and that you can not continuie working in this enviroment.

    Who told state this building was fine? Call health dept there has to be some form of building safety. Also thought OSHA was applied everywhere.

    If your doctor will write a letter stating that you have been injured on the job(including being in a sick building)you could get leave. Did you document person who said just quit?

    I live in Utah we have a news reporter who does these kinds of things on tv wish you had one there in Nevada. that would get thier mold to Board of Health

    Yes take everything to doc. Get letter give to boss. gather info from other poster about mold everything you can present to human resources and tell them you need help. Its awfully funny no one else wants to be in building.

    Do you work totally alone? start wearing a surigal mask!

    best of luck keep us posted
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    I am so sorry to hear about your situation, Star. I am very concerned for you.

    From what you describe, it sounds like your building could have toxic mold in it. That is very seriously bad for people who have a susceptible genetic makeup. And it's not great for anyone else, either.

    And as caledonia said, it could have any number of bad chemicals in it as well. The mixture of mold and chemicals is especially harmful to people.

    I hope you can get out of that building as soon as possible and never go back. I would suggest that you get rid of all the clothes you wore to work. (or at least put them in plastic tubs in the garage and get them out of your living area)

    And I recommend reading Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's books and websites, as Rich said. My favorite Dr. Shoemaker website is his newest one:

    I found out I had toxic mold in my apartment, and I moved and started over with all new stuff, and now I'm getting better.

    Best wishes,