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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherrieTeacup, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. SherrieTeacup

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    Does anyone work from home to make extra momey to pay for bills. Like making crafts to sell in flea market or from home. And do you have any ideas what to make to sell. I can,t work outside home so i thought i could do something at home. Please let me know. I need to make money to pay for all the Meds
  2. busybusymom

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    I have CFS. I did medical transcribing from home, but had to quit after two years after severe bout of vertigo/dizziness (which I still have today) left me unable to sit at the computer for even a short time. If you can type and sit at a computer for a period of time, there are many jobs you could do.

    What about selling your "junk" on Ebay? I just made 100 bucks selling 2 pillow shams and two sets of curtains I bought at clearance (it's a discontinued pattern from Waverly). Some lady paid $36 for one pillow sham!!

    Maybe taking an internet course at home - real estate, medical billing or transcribing - and then look for work.

    I'm like you - I desperately want to work but unable to work outside of the home. I also have real estate background, and maybe someday I will be able to work as a RE assistant and do most of the work at home.

    Good luck to you.