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    Has anyone here gotten disability while working part-time. I work as a substitute teacher when I feel up to it. Can't survive on this meager income, and certainly can't survive without this meager income.

    Thats for your input.
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    back up top~
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    I think it would be pretty rare. My husband is disabled and has been for around 30 years. In his younger years, the Voc ppl were there trying to get him to go to school and a new trade. But he always broke a plate or something and he has a hard time with reading, so it never happened.

    They have a program where ppl can work 6 months to a year, or something like that to see if they can be in the work place, but if they can, they forfeit their Soc Sec.

    In retirement you can work part time, but I don't think in disablility you can.

    Your local Social Services might be able to help. Now that ppl are getting disablility on these DD's maybe they can help you a little also. ???
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    why they say that if you make less than $800 per month, you can apply for disability, and then use the fact that you have worked against you.

    CFS is stress related. I can handle a day to too of working, but beyond that it is a disaster. Why should that be held against me. I don't have health insurance and have to have a way to pay for doctor's appointments, etc. Just don't get it.

    Anyone else had experience with this?
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    Can you be working part-time while applying for disability benefits? Were you working after you received benefits or while applying for benefits?

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    I'm wanting to know also. I want to cut down if I can get SSI. Keke

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    check it out everyone...

    i worked on and off while i applied the first time i was approved for sdi...and then again secon time i worked also..

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    You can apply if you are expected to not work for one full year .You may apply.Theres something alittle more but cant remember.

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    Jodieplace, how much were you working when you applied for disability and won? You said that you applied twice and won it both times while working? Were you applying for SSI or SSDI? Were you you disabled two different times?

    SKEESIX, were you working while applying for disability? How did it affect your case?

    Thanks to both of you and anyone else who can help me.
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    SS has this program which uses contractors to help those on disability find part time work. SS says they will not penalize anyone who uses this program. They try to find jobs which accommodate people's disabilities. I am checking into it next week.

    If one does work which pays way beyond what people would normally make, for instance, technical consulting, SS will overlook the $800 limit. It's always best to either use the TTW program or consult with SS before working. If I cannot find anything thru the TTW program, I will try to find a part time job on my own and notify SS about it.

    Love, Mikie